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BDS 308: Switching Gears

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback,  Lavar Ball banned from ESPN, Kemba would take less than the Super Max, Kellen Winslow was jerking at work, Pat Bowlen dies, shooting at Raptors parade, Anthony Davis trade, Masai Ujiri, Rod Smart found, Serena Williams doing Olympia’s hair, David Ortiz shooter was paid 7,800, UEFA president arrested, Stafford played with a broken back, Todd Gurley’s knee, Sixers shouldn’t sign Jimmy, D Wade on supporting his son and a bonus hour of just Karen and Justin shooting the shit.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, maybe Karen and Jarryl Morey,

    I hope all is well.

    I’m pulling up on the next sports media person who starts talking about sportsmanship during the World Cup like it is a goddamn Little League game. It’s fucking infuriating. The GOAT soccer team on Earth, The US Women’s National Team scored a goal for all 13 stripes on our fucking flag on Thailand and celebrated every fucking goal, *as the fuck they should have*. I’m sorry Thailand, but after that game the whole team needs to get them some flat tops. Oh and Thailand beat Indonesia 13-0 in qualifying for the World Cup, cuz that’s the fucking game.

    These are all grown ass professional athlete ass women. And high key, the sexism in folks getting mad at the US for kicking whole sale ass is annoying as shit. If Landon Donovan’s old ass had scored 5 goals in a game they’d put him and his whole forehead on Mount Rushmore. This is America, fucking rooting for some scrappy trash ass team like the men’s team. I root for *winners*.

    The US Women’s national team is the best soccer team on Earth and I can’t wait til tomorrow so I can cackle as they dog walk France, *in France*, in front of all them French people. To be clear: the rest of the world is racing to second place.

    Shouts out to Megan Rapinoe, for whatever that celebration against Thailand was, breaking her foot off in Spain’s sorry asses by scoring both goals, taking that knee last year and then saying no the fuck the National Team ain’t going to the fucking White House.

    So the Rockets wanting Jimmy Buckets to get outta his Philly contract and come to Houston…if this goes through, how does it compare with all the other examples of Darryl Morey not knowing how people work? Jimmy gonna tell Chris Paul he ain’t tall enough to have all that base in his voice and Chris gonna hadouken Jimmy’s nutsack. I. Can’t. Wait.

    Whenever folks talk about abolishing the NBA draft, my favorite thing is remembering withoit a draft Boston wouldn’t have a roster, cuz fuck Boston. Ya love to see it!

    Sorry for how long this is. Have a great weekend and evening y’all, peace!

  2. fyahworks

    Rod, Karen, and jadam silver

    What’s up y’all? Hope all is well!

    Before I posted I skimmed through the comments and ppl touched most topics I was gonna hit, so i won’t bother, I do want to ask this, i have the bleacher report app, which is leaps and bounds better than espn, yahoo and other sports apps! So I get news and maybe rumors and other topics across all sports. But lately I’ve gotten a lot of wild rumors for free agency! I just wanna know how stock you guys give to free agency rumors the week before free agency starts? I’ve heard so many ppl linked to the Knicks, and lakers, and doubt any end up there! Then there’s the term “mutual interest” being thrown around!

    Justin how would u feel about a lakers d-Lo reunion?

    Rod there’s about 4 teams salivating for kemba! But he seems to still have love for buzz city, what are the chances he resigns?

    Congrats to Giannis getting that mvp!!!

    Lastly KD declines, what’s next for him?

    Enjoy the weekend

    Summers here!!!!!!!


  3. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod and Jello Anthony,

    Please tell me this nigga Mello didn’t think he would get caught with a Baddie on a boat just because he was in France?!?!? He gon have to buy TWO buildings now.

    Now that Igludolla came out and said he was misdiagnosed last year during the Finals, are y’all looking at the Warriors a Lil differently?

    Love the show,


  4. bamil73

    Hello Rod, hopefully Karen and J Megan Rapinoe

    First off, I want to say sorry that you guys got scammed, live during the podcast no less. This is one of my greatest fears, to get scammed by some legitimate sounding motherfucker. I hope the bank settles your shit quickly. I don’t know about you, but if I got wiped out for a billing cycle, my shit would be fucked up for ages to come.

    Secondly I wanted to answer your question. Yes, I am in Canada. I grew up in Jamaica but live up north now, hence my fake disgust (I. Am. Disgustedt) at your Luke-Cage-ass Jamaican accents.

    Thirdly I just wanted to say something about soccer. The criticisms of the US Women’s Soccer team were certainly unfounded and sexist. I have some criticisms of them though. You see, the two teams I support, Jamaica and Canada have gone home now, so I have nothing but hate hate hate for your soccer team. As with all US athletes in international sporting events not named Serena Williams, I root against the american team. You know, imperialism and all that.

    On a serious note, the US Women’s team is rated number one in international soccer, the US men’s team is 30th. The situation is similar to Canada where the women’s team here is rated 5th while the men’s team is rated 78th. Huge disparity. This disparity, in my view, is partly related to sexism. Soccer, in North America, used to be thought of as a “girls” sport. This characterization was used as a pejorative. Real “men’s” sports here are football, basketball, baseball and hockey. Gifted male athletes from an early age, are funneled to one of these sports, as soon as they show some talent. If Lebron and Steph grew up in Europe, there is a good chance that they would be soccer stars in one of the European leagues, because they would be streamed towards that sport. With girls, soccer in North America does not get starved of the top talent. The sport has an equal chance of attracting athletically gifted girls early in life. In addition, the traditional soccer powers, Italy, Brazil etc, thought it unseemly for women to play the sport until just a couple of decades ago, so they are actually catching up with the North American women. At the club level, women here are on a level playing field with clubs abroad, so the top north american talent is on par or above the top talent elsewhere. With the men it is different. The MLS is noticeably inferior to club soccer in Europe, so the top men’s talent is not necessarily on par with the rest of the world.

    With all that considered, you would think it’s a no brainer that the women’s team gets better compensated than the men’s. What is even more fucked up is that boy’s soccer gets more resources poured into it than girl’s soccer even at the development stages. The boy’s teams get preferential treatment with field time etc over the girls. My understanding is that it’s worse in the States than in Canada. On top of that, women’s club soccer is not as heavily promoted as the men’s club game, which gives fans little opportunity to watch the women’s game outside of the international competition. Hopefully if the lawsuit for equal compensation is won it forces better monetization of the women’s game internationally.

    Sorry for the long email.


  5. Amani

    Hey Rod hopefully Karen and Jarmelo Anthony

    Oh Melo… You were almost all the way back! Even got out of buying that building because LaLa felt bad for you getting dropped by the Rockets. Then you get caught on a yacht in France with another sidepiece, the week after you had folks roasting your wife for allegedly not letting you see your outside kid on Father’s Day? You can get forgiven for a lot, but embarrassing your wife in public? AGAIN?! I don’t know fam, not looking good for your boy!

    And that Dame/Marvin Bagley rap beef is just another reason the NBA is the best league in the world. Everybody talks about football being a 12 month media cycle, but this is my shit. We just had the MVP awards drop (even though I miss it happening during the playoffs), and free agency about to pop off next week. Niggas getting paid, spilling the tea and crime time all rolled into one? Can’t beat it! Alright y’all have a great one as always and hopefully everything gets worked out for the best.

  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen and Jay Newton,

    If you get offered $1.5k are you giving up your seat? Also I’m happy for New Orleans that they got Zion only so he can leave them in 5 years. 2019 should be the year for suckers. As NOLA whined and complained all year in football because of the pass interference. That now the NFL has allowed replay of the penalty this year. They lost AD due to that whole front office debacle but gained Zion and basically got LA in what I call a straight robbery everybody and they Mama. Only to be eliminated in the playoffs in the first round. Also on a side note do you think how people view KDs career will do a complete heel turn after this injury? As always love the show.

    – Jeff

  7. SuavyP

    Man! Listening to this episode was surreal! The EXACT same scam happened to me that happened to you, Rod! Just like you, when I received the initial call, I was highly suspicious as I’m naturally a suspicious person. But the caller knew all the language and protocols of a credit card fraud specialist that I went against my initial instincts and opted on the “safe” side just in case the threat was indeed real. The caller said they were validating suspicious activity attempted from (check this out) a gas station and a wal-Mart in Florida! I live in Maryland now but moved from Florida a few years ago. I told them that I did not make those attempts and they began with all the familiar proceedings of closing the card account and even asked if I wanted my new card expedited via FedEx to me. Just like you Rod, as I was on the phone, I checked my account to see the purchases they were talking about but they were not there (red flag). The one give away that I really should’ve caught was when the caller said they were going to verify that I was indeed the owner of the account by sending me a text with a verification code. I was to text that code back to them. What I failed to catch in the text message at the time was that it was a “SAMSUNG PAY” verification code. I am an APPLE user and do not have a Samsung pay account. Needless to say, a few mins after I replied back with the code and ended the call with the scammer, I got a text from the real credit card company bank asking to verify suspicious attempts on my card. Check this out… One of the attempts was a $400+ dollar charge attempted at PUBLIX in FL! Fortunately for me, these attempts were on my credit card and not my personal back account. the credit card company declined the transaction at the time. I then called the card company and asked if they had contacted me earlier about the initial fraud attempts and the representative said there were no records of them calling me recently. That’s when I knew for certain I had been finessed. Due to fraudulent charge protection and the fact that the card had initially declined the transactions, I was not liable for anything. Still my blood was boiling because these scammers have gotten soo sophisticated, that despite my initial instincts, I was still fooled into their scheme. But yeah, I definitely understood how you felt when you came back and explained what had just taken place. Sorry for the long post but I was listening to you describe your ordeal and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Everyone needs to be aware of these elaborate schemes these scammers are using. But I realize that no matter how much we try to prevent these things from happening, we are in an age where there’s very little we can do to protect ourselves. We can only hope to remain vigilant in reducing the amount of harm being done. Hope everything works out in your favor Rod. Good luck

    -Suavy P

  8. rodimusprime

    What up niggas! Yo, have y’all heard those diss records that Dame Lillard and Marvin Bagley made about each other? Who y’all think won the battle? If you haven’t heard them the links are below. Each is about 2 minutes long. I can’t front these shits are kinda hot! LOL. I knew Dame could spit, and I’ve heard something from Marv before, but the both impressed me wtih these joints. Anyway, check em out and let us know who y’all think got this one!

    Marvin – No Debate




    Dame – Bye Bye


    Marv – Checkmate


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