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TNO 136: Boondocks Revisionist History

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Kriss discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Swamp Thing update, Toy Story box office, Talking Dead, X-Men producer disavows Dark Phoenix, Dr. Disrespect banned from Twitch, Xbox Live usernames, Boondocks returning, Spice Girls Animated movie, Men In Black International bombs, Riot Games gender discrimination investigation, Cyberpunk creator defends studio, Google pledges a billy to address housing, RDJ wants Iron Heart in the MCU, new consoles will be 399, Domino’s driverless delivery, Marvel will be at Hall H, Twitter removes geo-tagging, A Quiet Place  2, Tifa’s boobs, Venom non-story, Anthem isn’t working, Disney tones down Fallen Order violence, Endgame returning to theaters, Keanu in the MCU, Community movie, Netflix testing picture-in-picture, Gears 5, Red Sonia gets new director, Space Jam 2 cast, Vertigo is over, stupid petition, Into the Spider-verse 2, Max Landis outed again, No Man’s Sky fans crowdfund billboard and head of giant super wolf.


  1. No one gets cancelled…

  2. CantiSama

    Yo what’s up fellas and Karen, I was catching up on the last couple episodes and heard your discussion about Akira and I have your answer Rod. I love that movie but it only covers the first third or so of the actual manga hence why you feel its incomplete..it is. the story follows a trope I’ve seen in a few series where the titular character that the story is about is not the one you follow or view the world through.. but as you can see that doenst translate well to a 1 off movie. Also did you all see the trailers for the games Way to the Woods and Spirit Farer? They both look really dope and Way to the Woods music is done by composers from Steven Universe, so I’m hype for that alone. Lastly, NIGGA Far From Home was amazing Mysterio is that dude!! That movie was hilarious, definitely my favorite Marvel cold open yet! And this is kind of a Spoiler so you can skip it if need be but.. Was that S.W.O.R.D.!? I could’ve sworn I heard *cough,cough* Nick Fury mention something about Kree too.. I dont man I just cant wait to see it again.
    Have a good one yall, and thanks for all the dope content!

  3. Amani

    Imagine being a Marvel hater in 2019. I’m not giving anyone shine or sullying this celebration with that filth, but I get. Even I’m running out of things to say about how good these goddamn movies are.

    Oh they dropped another heater? Ho hum.

    They brought back stuff from other movies we never even thought to pay attention to AND tied up the end of Phase Three while showing us the future? Meh.

    So the way they showed Mysterio using his powers was one of the greatest uses of CGI I’ve ever seen on film? Sounds about right.

    Oh these are the most important after-credit scenes they’ve dropped since maybe Iron Man? Yeah, you’re right.

    Oh well, guess I’ll just see you back in the theaters for whatever they drop next. Guess I’ll just have to occupy my time watching Agents of SHIELD body the damn game every week. I just want to set people free like they’re still holding onto those Tobey Maguire and Dolphin Teeth movies.

    And I’m losing track of the agendas, are we still mad at that Little Mermaid movie now that they cast Halle as Ariel? I’m not trying to make light of anyone’s feelings (except the racists) but this is why I personally don’t have that same energy for animated properties. I do hope we can get bigger Black women and queer representation in the movie too, but she does have six sisters so maybe there’s still time. And I know Rod was quiet because like me, he’s in the Melissa McCarthy fan club, just glad we made it through fam. Do have to pour one out for our salty redhead brethren as they lost another one to the cause. First Iris and Wally West, then MJ and Jimmy Olsen now this? Such a shame.

    P.S. I don’t want to take money out of my boy Chadwick’s pockets, but I had to check that 21 Bridges movie because they keep running that trailer in front of Marvel movies and they’re pulling the Brightburn trick. The Russo’s are producing, but they aren’t directing, it’s some other nigga who’s done a bunch of TV but no real credits behind him. They almost had me fooled!

    • Amani

      Sorry for the long feedback, your boy got to dranking on the 4th

  4. rodimusprime

    Dear TNO Crew,

    As usual, love the episode.

    Did you know that the actress that played Misty Knight is going to be starring in a CBS drama playing a judge? According to the commercial, it also looks like the actor who played Bullseye is in the show too. Mike Colter will be costarring in a supernatural crime series on CBS called Evil. I never know about these things, but I’m at home with my graduation watching a lot daytime TV on CBS.

    Thanks for listening.

  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen, Kriss the Scammer and Aaron the Voice! On your recent Nerd Off you talked about the robot delivery system for pizza. Interesting you mention that-they launched this Starship Pilot robot delivery service (I’ve attached a video, hope you can open it for reference) on our campus (I work at a college as you may be aware). The robots are temp controlled, and you order through an app (like UberEats) and input the code when it arrives. The deliveries are stored separately so you cannot grab someone else’s food. It’s smart as well-if you are in its path, it will stop to avoid a collision. If you stay in its path long enough, it will back up and go around you. It stops at crosswalks until traffic has cleared.

    Now I know you are probably thinking “she wrote to explain this we didn’t ask for all this.” Not actually why I wrote. I brought my youngest son to campus on Thursday to help shred documents. He saw one of the robots, asked me what it was, and when I told him immediately said “those things are going rise up and kill us all-what’s stopping it from getting pissed off and setting itself to self destruct?” Here I am thinking the things are adorable, and he and his brother (who saw them on another day when I drove through campus) are both like “that shit is creepy, kill it with fire.”

    It’s the whole Dr. Malcolm quote-we were so busy figuring out if we could do something we didn’t stop to think if we should do something. We’ve seen campus invaders (read: gentrifiers) bringing their no home training ass kids to campus and letting the kids try to ride the damn robots like they are scooters. A group of teenagers visiting campus this week kept blocking the robot who tried several times to go around them and finally I had to explain to them that they were keeping someone from getting food they had paid for and they needed to be on their way. If we all die in the robot apocalypse-we have it coming.

    Have a great day lovelies!

    The Doctor

  6. Iman

    Hey y’all!
    Loved this episode, like all The Nerd Offs you covered so many topics and it was all very entertaining. Just wanted to thank y’all for all the great premium content.


  7. CC

    Hi lovelies,
    So about Pondsmith. Nope, don’t need to do shit there. Just because a nigga says shits good doesn’t mean he can’t be another dumbass in the diaspora wars. Hoping he aint.
    But one thing that is interesting is how CDPR has been trans-phobic for over a year and shits been ignored by the gaming niggas but now, I agree that shits sounds bad, when the same niggas smell a diaspora war brewing? They suddenly care? Keep on disappointing -.-

    Anyway I got some groupon tickets for orgy con… Where y’all at? This lot be empty.

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