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PG 198: Teairra’s Third Strike

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss bed bugs at work, delicious food places, Pose, Basketball Wives, Queen Sugar, LHHATL, pre-game news and listener feedback.

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  1. fyahworks

    Happy July niggaz

    Rod, Karen, Justin
    First and foremost happy holiday(4th of July)

    So we about to hit the dog days of summer, the time where tv and real sports are on vacation! I expect the shows to be shorter than usual, none the less I love a good Y story or conversation about pop culture or hot topics!

    Speaking of vacation, have you guys discussed the mystery deaths in the Dominican Republic? On pg? (I’m behind on the regular shows)

    If I missed it my apologies, but have they released autopsies on what the cause of death was? Too many have gone down and it’s very sad! I went years ago and I have no plans of returning!

    Secondly, Rod I see you in that kitchen bro! With my wife in school doing her masters and balancing work, I’ve found myself more in the kitchen, which has resulted in me watching a lot of food network! I watch chopped and beat Bobby flay! Just to learn or get ideas. But have you ever notice, this niggaz don’t wear gloves or hairnets? And cooking for judges?? And this are supposed to be top chef with restaurants? I don’t know man! It’s one thing in your house but for strangers I expect a bit more from professionals! Lol

    Y’all have a great week(end)


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