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1916: Justice For Stanley

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Rod and Karen discuss random thoughts, Jussie Smollett update, Robocall crackdown, marijuana masters program, epic Valedictorian speech, another DR death, NC lotto has too many winners, cooking grease thieves, Missouri planned parenthood, Bill Cosby giving prison lectures, cocaine confiscated, Roseanne and Dice Clay tour, Burden, Black women entrepreneurs leaving Charlotte, Ring video catches pooper, man jumps canal Dukes of Hazard style, woman catches herself on camera committing arson, attempted robbery with air freshener and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Law

    Yo Rod! Yo Karen! Wassup?

    I felt EVERY piece of that Valedictorian speech! My school’s staff wasn’t shit either, but I THOUGHT that was normal!

    The trend for me was set in Elementary school when we had teachers who would smoke in class, spike their coffee cups with alcohol and fall asleep at their desk while we were SUPPOSED to be taking movie notes. So by the time I got to high school, the only thing lower than our expectations were the amount of graduates.

    I swear, if it weren’t for generations of students writing answers down in hand-me-down textbooks, I wouldn’t have nearly as many correct answers.

    Also! Ever since y’all started going in on Cuba Gooding Jr’s groping case, I KEEP seeing OJ’s face whenever I think of Cuba Gooding Jr. I picture OJ shouting “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” And I picture OJ punching the air in front of a confused Nia Long. But I picture Cuba Gooding telling Kris Jenner to not tell nobody about Kourtney.

    Speaking of “Kourtneys,” Cuba is gonna need Courtney B Vance FOR REAL now, huh?

    Stay up, y’all!

    • Law

      I don’t even know if that’s thr right Kardashian, btw. Don’t care, lol

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