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1915: BET Awards 2019

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Rod and Karen discuss the BET Awards, Mayor Pete dealing with a police shooting, Lena Waithe, schools named after Robert E. Lee, That’s Ya’lls Man, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. CC

    Hello Karen and Rod
    No I’m in Sweden. Just that Germany is a 1.5h flight away and another hour in and out of the airports. So here for me is Europe and you know I just gotta support my light skin brother 😉 So 14 of September Brandon Keith Brown might, If I get time off, see me in the audience. Definitely making time to see him.

    Anyway I wanted to comment on the Tyler Perry issue and say thanks. Being practically non american anymore and living here I always had the feeling that we we’re wrong for liking his Movies. To find warmth and laughter in em. That we were some trifling ass niggas and just made white people look at us bad. Nigga I don’t care. I liked putting on my tracksuit. Matching with the rest of the family and just sit down and put the jokes on as we saw Madea’s new adventure. I know the movies aren’t the best. I know they will never win a Oscar. I don’t care and I’m sorry you think it’s demeaning to women and it follows the white mans agenda in emasculating black men. I don’t care. I’m having a good time and I love seeing the women who raised me have a laugh and I love sharing that joy with them.

    Anyway sorry for ranting but I hate how so many tried to make me feel like a coon for actually liking the movies Tyler Perry put out.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    1) I loved your defense of Tyler Perry. Respectability Politics rooted in internalized racism is truly a scourge. I’ve seen several of Tyler Perry’s films and for the most part, I have enjoyed them thoroughly. There have been films he has made that I felt was to my tastes, and you know what I did — I didn’t go see them. I didn’t shit all over the man, his films, the actors and the people who enjoyed the film. Funny how “The Wokes” feel so comfortable denigrating a black man in front of the very white gaze they criticize others for pandering to.

    2) Rod,I’m going to start carrying a note in my car that reads, “Dear world, this accident that resulted in my death was the fault of Rod from TBGWT. He played one of those god awful white people covers of a black person’s song and the agony to my ears cause me to crash my car.”

    3) I was reading up on the company does and don’ts for a cruise and guess what I found? People are prohibited from bring swords on board the ship. I wonder what the hell prompted swords being added to the list of prohibited items because you know it was something.

  3. NoClevernayme

    Intro with Karen on BGV! Yass!!! I didn’t watch the awards, but from what I hear Offset (migos) was the highlight with them dance moves.

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    I really don’t understand the Tyler Perry hate. I’m 46 years old and for over 20 years I’ve enjoyed his films and plays on DVD and I’m a lifelong NYer. He has made movies that three generations of my family can sit around the living room after Easter dinner and watch and laugh at. There’s an audience for his films and they do make black women feel seen. How many black films in the 2000s presented a majority of black women characters of all sizes? C’mon, gimme a break. I’ll go on a limb and say there’s no Girls Trip without a Tyler Perry. No shade to all the other black male filmmakers of the late 90s, but who was really putting black women’s stories on front street? I’m not saying Tyler Perry is without flaws but the hate is unnecessary.

  5. Anonymous

    I love yall, can i get the pun csi joint and a “thank ya baby!” from Karen?

  6. Forest

    On that Mayor Pete ish, I took it as him saying that he wasn’t there in the moment to ask for votes. I think he was trying to say that he was there to address this issue rather than campaigning. Even giving him the benefit of the doubt on that, his administration paid over a million in settlements for police misconduct. There’s the representation issue in the department, only 5% are black in a town that like 26% black. There’s the whole ass issue with the black police chief being demoted while the racist white officers he taped got settlements. Then there’s the fact that he won’t release the tapes to the public. All of this adds up to a huge issue with the black electorate. I don’t know how the hell he expects the base of the party he’s running for to trust him nationwide when he can’t handle the black electorate in his small town.

    Any black person that saw that townhall he had, saw a black community that had been neglected and felt lied to. I just want that to be the story, rather than the racist notion that he’s losing the black community b/c he’s gay. We all know there’s homophobia in our community, but the fact is when you look at the candidates that black people vote for, we tend to vote for progressive candidates, period, and they’re not just progressive on racial issues. These are candidates that are progressive on reproductive rights as well as lgbtq issues, which are in fact racial issues as well, bc we’re still the most vulnerable on both those things. All that said, he already has a lot of campaign money. So, he’ll still be around for a while, but I think his campaign is effectively done, bc you ain’t winning the nomination w/o the black electorate and I truly don’t see that happening now. But we shall see.

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