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1921: Carpooling

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Rod and Karen discuss cooking, AOC being sued, metal straw death, Budden vs Crissle, sonic devices to ward off teens, weed use falling among teens, drug dealers could be charged with murder for overdoses, more ice cream tampering, $3K Amazon wedding, American Airlines makes black woman cover up, Youtube employee apologizes for calling cops on black man, woman drives with kids on top of car, woman shoots husband by accident in road rage incident, man jerks in woman’s yard and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    The thing about Asap Rocky(who I thought was the same dude as Travis Scott up until a month ago), would there be such an outcry if it was a black female in jail? I didn’t see a lot of people shouting Free Remy, Free Kim or Free Da Brat. Radio silence. There are so many black women and queer people in the movement that these same dudes trash but when one of them get in trouble they want these same black women and queer people to speak up for them. Fuck out of here. It’s a shame he’s in prison if he’s in there for self defense like he said he was, but maybe his rich Beverly hills and soho friends can help him out.

  2. PSDiva95

    Greetings Queen Karen and King Rod! Krissle and Joe Budden have been in conflict for years. I’d have to go back a few years on The Read podcast to remember when it started, but it has to do with Joe Budden and his past trash ways. She didn’t randomly start firing back at him, its built up for a minute. Glad you all enjoyed your vacay and keep on keepin’ on!

  3. Turq

    Hi Guys –

    You want to know how to get rid of those sonic devices? Tell white people that it’s fucking with dogs since dogs can hear all those high pitched noises people can’t. We all know white people’s love of dogs supersedes everything else. I know the dogs and cats in those neighborhoods were losing their god-damn minds hearing all that noise all night.

    I am not a prison abolitionist, but I am a sadist. I think these people tampering with food should have to eat food that’s had the same thing done to it by a random stranger. I bet you that would make people (except the kinksters) think twice about doing that foolishness.

    Also, shouts out to Karen. I noticed your pun game is getting better.



  4. Anonymous

    Not for 20 years but yes

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