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1927: Hella Black Hella Proud

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Rod and Karen discuss ASAP Rocky news, Bagel Boss dude signs fight deal, Emmy Nominations, Sadie Roberts-Joseph murdered, judges step down over rape comments, school threatens to take away kids over lunch debts, Bernie Sanders campaign involved in wage fight, NYT article on podcasts, white woman model for pro-black swimsuits, Miss Michigan dethroned for racist tweets, California set to be first state protecting black hair, woman stabs someone over slice of pizza, Florida man grabs deputies butt, sisters abuse dad for 20 years because God said so and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Michelle

    I roll my eyes when people point to statistics that show black people are killed mostly by other black people. All other groups are killed mostly by people of the same race. And that makes sense. People are most likely to be hurt by people they spend the most time around. In America people associate mostly with people of the same race. That’s why this argument is called a straw man argument. It’s using a false indicator to prove a problem. If we said the same thing about every race where murders are committed by members of the same race, then all races in America have problems in their communities.

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