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#Walking FTWD: Season 5: 8 Is Anybody Out There?

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.


  1. Selester63

    What up Rod & Karen,

    Finally, the plane works, and we get everyone over the mountain. Of course, the walkers would be hanging off the plane as it took off LOL. I’m glad we’re moving on from the radioactive zombies, that story-line has run its course. Good thing Grace had that truck with the special shower that washes radiation away. The homie Salazar shows up to the rescue, looks like he’s going to be around for the second half of the season. Who was that woman on the radio, if it’s Sherry than Dwight should recognize her voice right? I don’t believe Logan can be trusted and this new plot line of trying to find oil/gas is going to be interesting, I guess.
    Have a good one, peace.

  2. Tootietaurus

    I enjoyed this mid season finale. While some parts lagged, my heart was in my throat when Wendell had to crawl to get the runway lights back on! That was the best scene of the episode. I also enjoyed the Daniel/Alicia reunion.

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