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PG 202: Judgement And Decision Making

Rod and Justin discuss YMCA basketball, DJ’s, guns, Bruce Hay and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Justin and maybe-hopefully Karen!

    Your description of the woke white professor who got taken for his money was triggering. Yo, my husband is THAT guy! He is Super WASP, King of the Food Chain White and is constantly going on and on about how awful white people are, and he does stuff like helping out some random black Uber driver get his mortgage right ‘cuz he felt like society had wronged him. (BTW the Uber driver would not stop calling after that and wanted more and more help.) Not that I think this is bad. I mean, the alternative could be really horrible. But it is weird sometimes. Like when we watch “Dear White People,” he likes to point out things and say “see, bet you didn’t know that” (‘cuz I’m Asian not black). WTF. Anyway, all this to say — I’m doing it all wrong and should be taking this guy for all his money. I kid, I kid. He has a heart of gold…he’s just funny sometimes. Like I want to say “calm down over there!” Sheesh. Lol. Anyway, love the show! Mary

  2. fyahworks

    Greetings rod Justin and maybe Queen K

    Can’t thank you guys enough for the weekly entertainment. I definitely get my coins worth. You guys get me through my work days!

    1. did you guys hear Katy Perry getting sued for the dark horse song? Apparently the beat was stolen from black Christian rapper! Ya hate to see it!
    2. Have you guys seen the trailer for the black lady sketch show with Issa Rae? I believe it’s coming on hbo.
    3. Snowfall is my fucking show, Rod I hope you are caught up. Do y’all hate Mexican cia agent as much as I do?
    4. Keep those Y stories coming, I love them.
    5. Lastly niggaz only, only niggaz


    • fyahworks


      Have you guys checked out typewriter on Netflix? The word is it’s a horror series from India and internet is saying you will have a hard time sleeping at night! I saw one ep thus far

  3. rodimusprime

    Rod, Justin,

    Hey! Hope all is well. I came in a bit late last week. I was stunned to find my pristine, Gawd fearing good name was being defiled by Justin. Sometimes it be your own comrades in shade—shading you at the 38 minute and 52 second mark!

    I will be brief because I know there is sports ball to talk about.

    Taking a page from Beyoncé’s husband’s granny, I’m going to make lemonade from this lemon by turning Justin’s verbal assault into a teachable moment. See, not only am I the head Usher, from time to time, I take the helm of the web-based Bible Study.

    I will be brief because I know there is lots of sports ball to talk about. *wipes brow*

    The Bible says, “Beware the serpent aiming for the womb as it has its start in pleasure, life in suffering, and end in Hell.”

    Later on it says, “A lady’s price not met with grimaces and withdrawn bids is a price too low. For low is where the serpent strikes.”

    ~Taken the Book of Vera in the Old-Old Testament (The Queen Lilith Version)

    Shorter: “Penis stays trying bring us down. Secure the bag sis!”

    I will be brief because I know there is plenty sports ball to talk about. *sips water*

    It’s not evil to want a building. Evil is Carmelo cheating on LaLa. Evil would be letting Mr. Anthony think he is gonna do whatever he did without Lala (never mind if she may have also been cheating cus that doesn’t fit the message), getting a tangible apology investment that will be with her long after his penis continues to wander. Quietly, Lala needs to be having a sleepover with Lela Rochon so Lela can focus on ‘Operation: Secure the Land: 2020’.

    I will be brief because I know there is a plethora of sports ball to talk about. *does some form of Black church histrionics*

    As we close today saints, take this word with you. Revisit it’s modern message peppered throughout the verses of Thoteronomy in the New Testament (The IG Version): “Go in the door asking for the building so he knows if he screws up, we don’t hear words, smell flowers or see jewelry. We own buildings. Set the standard.”



    Now we will have an offering for the Yves Saint Laurent Cassandra Medium Top Handle Bag cus I respect the congregation too much to say it’s for the building. I accept Cash that folds, PayPal, VenMo, CashApp, etc.


    Ms. Smart

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