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BDS 313: Robot Umpires

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Adrian Peterson broke, CP3 wants to help players with finances, Zion signs with Jordan Brand, Dan Le Batard goes in, Tyreek Hill not suspended, Natasha Howard accused of stabbing her wife, Chris Paul contract, Harbaugh disses Urban Meyer, Darren McFadden DUI, Shawne Merriman sued over death, Cristiano Ronaldo faces no charges, NBA investigating free-agency deals, Beal extensions, John Wall might not play, DePaul probation, robot umpires, Mark Sanchez going to the booth, Tim Duncan assistant coach, Jarran Reed suspended, Greg Hardy wins fight, Melvin Gordan not going to training camp, LSU locker room, Cowboys most valuable team, boxer dies, Jalen Ramsey, and Dwight Gooden.


  1. chubbzero

    What up rod, Karen and jujason jhitlock. A couple of balls deep ago, you talked about Ritchie incognito getting suspended a couple games but ya’ll never elaborated on what he did exactly. This crazy motherfucker went to his dad’s funeral at the funeral home and demanded to cut his dad’s head off! He also threatened a few employees at the funeral home with a gun. And he got suspended what… 2 games? And colin Kaepernick is a distraction? Foh! Lastly, I just would like to hear your opinions on lebron being a helicopter dad. While I’m all for him cheering bronny on, I do think him dunking in the layup line is a lil much

  2. fyahworks

    What’s good Rod, Karen, and jebron James

    1. So the king is having himself a summer, space jam, aau games and taco Tuesdayyyyyyyy. Then here comes the haters, lbj is at his sons games on the sideline energetic, doing the layup line, and the haters have a problem with it! I’m glad some of the younger nba players are saying hey I would do the same for my son. Man some of these boys don’t have fathers and here is one doing the right thing and it’s a problem. It’s a bit much yeah but I rather my dad be at my games then not at all or even involved in my life. But when you are on top they always wanna bring you down. I feel a relaxed, happy, healed up summer equals a monster season for lebron. I can’t wait!!!

    2) So I’m not sure if this was covered but the nba is thinking of adding flags for coaches kinda like how the nfl does. How you guys feel about this?

    3. shouts to cj McCollum for. Getting the extended bag. 3years 100 large! Speaking of which , we are getting a lot of holdouts in the nfl, including the chargers Melvin Gordon, who had a crazy season last year and I think only played for $5million. I think zeke is holding out as well! Get y’all money fellas because you never know. After all NFL = not for long

    Enjoy the weekend guys


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