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TNO 138: Ain’t Thanos From Titan?

Rod, Aaron, Karen and D Palm to discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Marvel SDCC news, GameStop is dying, Joker movie doesn’t follow the comics, scooters during flooding in DC, Instagram anti-troll measure, Patton Oswalt would make a Champions movie, HBO Max, video game addiction treatment, Zack Snyder working on anime, Flinstones adult comedy TV show, My Spy pushed back a year, Gears of War movie, Storm Reid cast in Suicide Squad, Momo horror movie, Power Rangers reboot, 5 billion settlement with Facebook, Walking Dead news, Mortal Kombat movie, Area 51, Paper Girls getting TV show, Akira movie on hold, GameStop wants to offer retro gaming, Apex Legends cheater solution, Streets of Rage 4, Lashana Lynch as 007, Game of Thrones actor blames media, Archer renewed, video games in Australia, Simpsons movie, Lion King box office, Switch-Lite, Watchmen, The Batman, HBO exec addresses GOT petition, Kyoto Animation fire, Tuca and Bertie canceled, Netflix loses 24 billion, Stan Lee St, Twitch steamer throws cat, Far From Home crosses a billion, Henry Cavill wants to play Superman again, Aladdin crosses a billion, Avatar still under Fox Exec’s control, TMNT movie, George Lucas says Star Wars is for kids and worms come back to life after 41,000 years in permafrost.


  1. Amani

    Nigga Dem Agents!!! The game cheating man. Fuck that wait until next summer, y’all finished filming season 7, I’mma need y’all to come off them episodes in the fall dawg. This shit is too good. And the possibilities they opened back up for next year? Nigga listen. We were already getting Disney+ but they were gracious enough to throw in that Hulu bundle too so now niggas have no excuses for that Ghost Rider. And shit the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another spin off from this show next season either. Greatness.

    And Y’all have been talking about animated characters we all see as Black like Piccolo and Destro, but is there any better example of a character we KNEW was white but still had to wonder if somebody lying than Norman Osborn? Nigga them waves were SPINNING every issue under that Goblin durag. No wonder he was part of the DARK Avengers.

  2. LisaW

    Hello Everyone,

    Great show as usual. Marvel showed out but of course you had some critics complaining about them taking over cinema and squeezing out smaller/non superhero movies. I was chuckling. This message is for Aaron, I want to hear about what Manga(s) you are reading. I started reading them because I was tired of waiting for One Punch man to come back. So I’m reading that and My Hero Academia, Dr. Stone and the Promised Neverland. I’m watching Demon Slayer, Fire force and Black Clover and loving all of them. As for games I don’t play online it stresses me out and I generally avoid/eliminate all unnecessary stress. So I’m playing Forza Horizon 4, UFC 3 and mobile game Homescape .

    Have a great week.

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey nerds,

    I absolutely love this show. It’s by far the best nerd podcast I listen to. It kind of feels like the Avengers of nerd podcast with Rod, Karen, and so many all star guests from other nerd podcasts.


    I was listening to y’all talk about AMC renewing Fear TWD and all the spinoffs and how they don’t have much in the way of ratings so why are they putting all this money and effort into this franchise.

    I wonder if the ratings aren’t good for initial viewing but maybe they get better over streaming and downloads. Kind of like how Kevin Smith has made a career off of box office failures that find a loyal and steady fan base for home viewing be it streaming or before that DVD/VHS…

    Anyways thanks for all of the hours of entertainment. This show alone makes it worth going premium.

    I am now and always shall be your listener
    Live long and prosper


    • Felix

      Hi Y’all, Felix here. The Kyoto animation thing is way worse than it looks on its face man. The problem is the day they were attacked they were supposed to be doing some sort of TV related interview or show so they had to have the security lighter because of the camera crew. Otherwise no one other than studio staff would have been able to get inside. The suspect was spotted there days before so he probably planned it knowing that in advance. I thought it might be a security issue too but its just sad man. That studio did so many things that other animation studios dont do in Japan. Been so depressed watching the news slowly roll in and seeing the rumours of who died. Some of the younger folks who died just started working there a few months ago man. I’m so upset.

      This studio hired so many talented women and they worked hard to make it a safe working environment for them too. They have probably the most equal number of female staff to the men in that regard. Probably 50/50 compared to other studios who dont even manage anywhere near that. They actually payed employees a monthly wage, which is huge for their animators especially because in almost every other studio they get paid per cut (a.k.a. per shot) and if you’re not a fast animator you will struggle to get by. Most animators at other studios work on a freelance basis so as you’d expect since theres no union, theres a lot of labour exploitation going on with folks working crazy hours. Kyoto animation had things like decent maternity leave options for the female staff and even newsletters they sent out so folks on leave would be able to keep up with what’s happening and be able to mesh right back in when they went back to work.

      Over a decade ago when the sexual harassment scandal (with the director of haruhi suzumiya and lucky star) happened, they got him out of the paint real quick. Unlike other studios where women are few and far between in directorial roles, they have one of the best female directors in the business in Naoko Yamada. Their recent Netflix show Violet Evergarden had a fairly young female animator get the character design gig fairly early in her career by any standards and the shit looked like a movie every episode it was that beautiful.

      I became a fan of them when I was going through a really rough time dealing with depression. Their show Sound Euphonium, is about a girl and her friends who join the school orchestra band and the drama that ensues. The main characters sister had such a relatable arc that made me feel so much better about my situation that it helped me get through it. It sucks so much seeing this happen to them. A studio that did so much to do better by their employees than any a lot of other studios and put out work that touched a lot of people. I hope the families find peace.

      If theres any of their shows I’d recommend if you havent tried one before I’d say try Violet Evergarden on Netflix. It’s a drama set in a fake 1900s era country after a war about a young girl who helps write and delivers letters for people to their loved ones. It’s very heartwarming and each episode is self contained so you can watch a few and get the general idea. I’d only recommended Sound Euphonium (my favourite) if you are interested in a high school drama anime with no action. It has ridiculously well animated crying and concert scenes instead.

      I’ll end now just saying, Aaron, man thanks for reminding me to get back on Black Clover when you mentioned it this episode. I blew through about 50 episodes and also got caught up on the manga over the past 2 weeks and BRUHHH!!! That shit is so good. Been a while since I caught up on a manga this quickly. Last time I blew through 150 episodes of one piece in 3 months. Also Rod and Karen, I dont know if you know about the Legion of Superheroes? You probably do if you stan Supergirl like I do, this reboot that’s about to launch next month from Bendis man, I highly recommend you give it a shot. Brainiac 5 is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to them and Bendis might have made my favourite character black now and I’ve been screaming about it for weeks now. If Kriss or Dpalm are on this episode, I apologise for always asking mailbag questions about them and spreading the gospel of the legion here too. I would say apologises for this long message but I was really upset about the Kyoto Animation thing and just wanted to update y’all. Alright, love you guys. Felix out.

      • Felix

        Also, Reminder to yall that the homie Lesean Thomas’ anime Cannon Busters is out on the 15th. The new trailer on Netflix looks legit. Got a number of up and coming animators the industry is raving about. Highly recommended.

  4. Brianna

    Hey everybody!

    I’ve been silently listening for about 2 years and never wrote a comment until today! 🙂

    (Is Chris still in hiding?) I just wanted to quickly give a recommendation to Karen for a game that I think she might enjoy! It’s called Dragon Quest Builders 2 and it just released on the Switch about 2 weeks ago. It’s sort of a mix of Minecraft and Stardew Valley.It has the elements of Stardew Valley where you can farm and grow crops, and also My Time at Portia where its 3D world that you can explore, build things, and engage in combat.

    Also, what is it about livestreaming that makes people turn up for the camera?

    Love you guys!

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