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1930: Cool Carolina Couple

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Karen!

    Sooo that was me that called during the show. I just knew I made it before the show started but my timing was way off.

    Anyway – you don’t have to play that voicemail, I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve loved the medium talks. After listening to the one with Brandon Brown, I made a monthly donation to PBS. I don’t even watch but, as a lover of the arts, that interview made me realize how important PBS is. The interview with Bassey was fabulous and while I’ve already ordered her book, I am buying one for a friend. You’re doing good work Rod.

    Karen, congratulations on your new job! I’m glad you had a ball at the Mary J concert. While you were jamming to Mary and Nas, I was jamming to Earth, Wind & Fire and Sheila E.

    Have a great week, I love you guys!

  2. Karena Benford

    Listening to the feedback show. Rod you betta talk that talk about your wife!!!!!!! I love it!!

  3. Michelle

    Rod, if you haven’t already watched it, look at the Netflix documentary “Great Hack”. It tracks how Cambridge Analytica did test cases of election manipulation on small developing countries before moving on to the US. What stood out to me was how no one was worried about this until it happened here. The part that is particularly upsetting is how the owner of CA, Steve Nix, describes his strategy for manipulating the elections in Trinidad and Tobago. You could tell he had no respect for the people who lived there.

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