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SMR 255: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Rod is joined by Chris Lamberth to review Quinten Tarantino’s 10th film, “Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood.” We also discuss movie trailers, your comments and a bunch of tangents.



    This is not my favorite Tarantino movie, but it is one that might grow on me overtime. For a movie that doesn’t go full Quentin Tarantino, it’s amazing to me how good it is despite that. I wouldn’t have minded more violent scenes or even a couple of N-words, but I think the restraint this movie has, makes it better, in a way. It hardly meanders too. The dialogue is compelling from start to finish, so are the characters, the direction is textbook Tarantino, especially with some of the car & certain facial shots, I thought those were really good.

    I know he gets a lot of shit, but Leonardo Motherfucking DiCaprio, man. Dude should phone these roles in, but his commitment to carrying these movies, astounds me. All he does is act his ass off over & over again. Brad Pitt probably gives one of his better roles in a while, Margot Robbie, I thought, was good as well. I liked the way her role as Sharon Tate went.

    Most of the acting is good, but I gotta give a call to two people in this film, despite not being in it that long: Julia Butters & Mike Moh. Now, I get it, the depiction of how Bruce Lee is portrayed & Lee’s daughter coming out against it. I totally get it. That aside, Moh killed that shit. Killed. It. Mannerisms, voice, confidence, etc. That scene with him & Brad Pitt fighting was so dope. I’m not sorry that I enjoyed that scene & him. Butters is already an acting natural at such a young age. A lesser young actor would’ve understandably crumbled acting alongside DiCaprio & she acted like a boss juxtaposed to him. Awesome job by that young lady. Loved this film from start to finish.

  2. Anzidavis

    This movie was funny and like you Rod I enjoy Tarantino’s films but say nothing unless someone I am cool with talks about the movie. I felt like I was the only laughing at the weirdest stuff especially when Al Pacino was talking about him and his wife watching movies together, or when Bruce Lee was talking about boxing versus martial arts. Everybody laughed during the violent part of the movie. I will be owning the digital copy of this once it comes out.

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