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PG 205: The Boys

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss Justin work stuff, local political drama, The Boys, Queen Sugar, A Black Lady Sketch Show, Sherman’s Showcase, Southside, listener feedback andreality show news.


  1. theblackguywhotips

    What up, niggas! Yo Rod, you did it again, man. You done done it AGAIN!!!! Once again by listening to/being cool with you the level of cool shit I’ve been put on to has improved. Your comments on Sherman’s Showcase last week, and you playing that clip from the Temptations 11 sketch made me search for it on cable. I found it On Demand, and set my DVR to record the series. Nigga!!!!! That shit is HILARIOUS!!!!! I don’t know how you came across it, but I’m glad you did and put niggas like me on. Aye, Justin have you started watching yet? What about you, Karen? If so, what are you guys favorite sketches so far? I think mine are Temptations 11, Brotha You Wrong, and that Fresh Prince joint from the episode Morris Day hosted. That Fresh Prince shit had me dying!!!!! What are y’all niggas favorite songs from the show so far? For me it’s “Vicki Is The Water Warm Enough?”, “Time Loop”, and “Drop It Low For Jesus.”. Anyway, that’s it for now. Thanks for mentioning that joint. I love discovering new heat.

    Leonard Brothers

  2. fyahworks

    Greetings rod Karen and Justin

    I read the comments posted above before me and I have to agree with Brooklyn shoe babe, we love whatever you guys give us, whether it’s tv shows, ymca stories, pop culture, stories around the Charlotte area, or silly funny stuff! It’s what makes pre game pre game! Anything you have done you always have and always should evolve! I’ve been around before there was a white people news! Shit one of my favorite segments was groupie tales. I was sad to see it go, but I’ve always enjoyed anything you all brought to the table! All in all, even when us that write in may suggest shows, don’t mean you have to watch, it’s simply a suggestion, and it may catch the interest of another listener! I always write in because I’ve learn so much From you guys, even Justin believe or not! Continue to do the show as you guys see fit! Knock them in the head the way Wanda did melody this week! Yes snow fall was flames dog (in my Karen voice)

    Have a great week(end)

    Niggaz only
    Only niggaz


  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Justin and maybe Karen,

    Rod, I know you are moving away from Pre-Game being so focused and tv and that’s fine. I was however wondering if you and/or Justin are watching Season 2 of The Terror or David Makes Man on OWN.

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    Dear Rod
    Don’t feel pressured to watch TV just to talk about it on pregame. I don’t watch the TV shows you talk about. I like hearing your deep dives on things like on Ida B. Wells or when you talk local politics. I like pregame for your organic conversations. #NoPressure

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