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BDS 316: The KneeHive

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Simone Biles criticizes USAG then breaks records, Jay-Z deal with NFL, Cousins may have torn ACL, NBA 2k WNBA sexism, Antonio Brown helmet-gate, NBA mental health, Darius Philon released, 50 Cent vs Mayweather again, Sebastian Telfair goes to prison, Rich Paul rule withdrawn, A-Rod robbed, Brittney Griner suspended, black lacrosse player files lawsuit, Russ and Cici invest in MLS, Antonio Brown sued by chef, US Soccer hires lobbyist to justify low pay for women, Lowry bows out of FIBA, Arenas on Vince, NLFPA issues work stoppage guide, Stills vs Stephen Ross, Pop on Kaepernick, Jamison hired by Wizards, Joseph Tsai buys Nets and Dak asking for money.


  1. fyahworks

    Rod Karen and Justin Dudley

    What’s up y’all?

    Talk about the dog days of summer!

    1) I wanna hear from our light skin senior correspondent Justin about this light skin on light skin terrorism. Jared Dudley be Royce White! Keep in mind Royce is a black belt and wants all the smoke!

    2) if I’m not mistaken, you guys have said in the past Dwight Howard has a thang for young girls, and it was announced he is engaged to at 21 year old at his ripe age of 33!

    3) lastly little finger got a job with the other la team, as a top ASSistant for doc rivers! Y’all think he took it because because he tired of being employed or he took it because he ain’t get that lakers job?

    Over and out


  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen and Jhick-fil-a

    After a week of niggas getting spicy on the bird talking about Jay-Z, it was so nice to be talking about spicy chicken.

    Unfortunately not everybody got the memo. Did you hear the new Dolphins coach decided to troll his own receiver Kenny Stills after he came out against the deal with the league with an all Jay playlist at practice? We already got into the back and forth last week, but how are you just starting as a new coach and already pissing off your players? Even ITWAN of the year Baker Mayfield has the sense to get spicy about people on other teams.

    And I was gonna joke on Justin about the Lakers having to bring back Dwight with Boogie gone, but now it looks like they’re actually thinking about doing it. At this point might as well make his other wish come true and give Melo that farewell tour in LA too.

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