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PG 206: It’s All Gravy

Rod and Justin discuss internet packages, tech support, YMCA basketball, old cellphones, Justin’s evil grandma, scary dogs, dangerous uncles, local politics, dude we know involved in a crime, Chappelle special, Sherman’s Showcase and listener feedback.


  1. fyahworks

    What’s good Rod, Karen, and Jalmart

    Hope the holiday weekend was enjoyable!

    It’s national tbgwt month! Congrats are in order rod and Karen on 17 years of marriage! Followed by a real nigga burfday!!

    I must say I enjoy you guys breakdown on local shit and things across the country. With that said, what you’re guys thoughts on Walmart deciding to stop selling guns and ammo? And no more open carry? Do you feel it was pressure? Or do you think they well get backlash from the nra? What took them so long? And this really won’t stop shyt when you can get guns other places, one being dicks sporting goods, and many other local gun shops, and gun shows! But kudos to them on taking a stance that is long over due.

    Lastly what’s the plans for the birthday OG?
    How do you top last year lol?

    Niggaz only
    Only niggaz


  2. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    Listen, Justin, although Rod laughed at your light-skinned tears, LoL, I *too* had an evil paternal grandmother! It was so bad that when she made me cry, she told my mom to “Come get this lil bitch!” I was a toddler, I don’t remember specifics, but my mom never let me go there again. Apparently, that side of the family talked to their kids that way & MY mom was young, but she wasn’t crazy. I saw my grandmother again when I was 14, right before she passed. She tried to offer me food, but I was good. Interesting – maybe that’s not the best word – that your grandma thought giving you gravy everyday would help ANYthing. Sounds like she took joy in torturing you. Damn. Not as bad as my grandma, right? Side note, that “Drop It Low for Jesus” song is so good! He should have let them finish! Great show guys, I was at work LoL’ing all morning!

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