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BDS 317: The Effeminate Agenda

Rod and Justin listener feedback, Brian Flores plays Jay-Z at practice, Zeke won’t be charged, FIFA’s new anti-racism rule, Steph paying for Howard golf team, David Blatt diagnosed with MS, Freddie Gibbs and Marcellus Wiley diss Kaepernick, Antonio Brown’s disgruntled chef, Jermaine Dupri says Jay-Z didn’t discourage NFL deal, Westbrook charity, Patrick Chung coke charge, Kawhi donates backpacks, Luke Walton cleared, Andrew Luck retires, Desmond Howard curses on live TV, La-La, Barry Bennett and wife found dead, Le’Ron McClain pleads for help, DeMarcus Cousin’s has warrant issued for him, Ryan Russell comes out as bi, Chandler gets suspended for PEDs, HS sports participation down, Gronk, Clowney, KD and Kyrie want Melo, Tiger gets surgery, extended NFL play-offs, Big Papi looking for the real shooter, Larry Johnson goes full hotep, Duke in the Chick Fil-A bowl, Mateen Cleaves video and Simone Biles brother arrested.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Jalonzo Ball,

    I hope all is well.

    Oh Larry Johnson, bless his simple (and with time, becoming simpler) heart. He should spend more time remembering his kid’s names than looping Lord Jamar videos and tweeting with his tempura-battered knuckles.

    Does ESPN have a request line for 30 for 30s, cuz after see coach Hugh “Area Codes” Freeze pretend to coach Liberty University from a hospital bed, we need one.

    Have y’all seen the new ESPN Body issue? Prince Fielder walked so the Eagles whole offensive line could fly their asses onto those pages.

    Damn near shed a thug tear seeing Naomi Osaka talking with CoCo Gauff after their match. That was so sweet. And goddamn does it speak to the legacy and longevity of the Williams Sisters that they’ve been so successful they’re facing the very young women they inspired. Ya love to see it.

    Um didn’t y’all call the Broke Bone Baller shoes as being a liability to wear? Them shits couldn’t even last a full half! No wonder they never shipped the shoes, Lonzo needed *all* of them to make it through the season.

    Have a great weekend y’all! Niggas only, only niggas!

  2. fyahworks

    Salutations Rod, Karen, & jonzo ball!

    Yeah former laker lonzo ball, grew a pair and now he’s spilling all the tea, talking to the media like crazy about his laker days! First he says his first workout worst ever! Then he does either an interview or podcast where he talking about them bbb zo2 shoes! He says they would rip and tear every quarter and he had to switch up every quarter! Kinda reminds you of Zions shoe fiasco at duke! And now they playing together! Wow! Stay woke lol
    But on some real shit, it makes sense, 1) why he was wearing other shoes after a while, and 2) why niggaz ordered them them shoes and to this day, still waiting for their pair.

    In other laker news, McGee got got for 200k, and jewelry including which warriors championship ring! Now is that a trophy for the robber? Or is he dumb enough to think he could pawn that shit!

    Lastly, Brooklyn Nets player rodions kurucs gets arrested after allegedly choking his ex-girlfriend back in june. Between this and the Boogie cousins situation, It’s like the nfl is rubbing off on the nba in the off season. (Insert the ray Lewis Clip) there’s nothing else to do Sal…..

    I’ll holla, enjoy the weekend and the football games!!



  3. brooklynshoebabe

    Dear Justin and Rod, Oooo, ya’ll niggas was on one today. I could not stop laughing. Your riffs on the FIFA racism flags made me cry because I was laughing so much. This is how I like my sports coverage.

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