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1948: Neo Negro Spiritual

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Iman

    Hey y’all!
    Que that meme of that old black woman looking disappointed; because that’s my face every time my husband tries to talk to me about some white podcasters who’ve upset him. I’m just like “you still listening to those white people talk about Young Justice? Won’t be me.”
    It definitely matters, how any podcaster hones their voice. You and Karen are so authentic and that’s why your audience is so endeared to y’all. I love sharing TBGWTs with friends and family. And really appreciate it when you share podcasts with us. The Last Podcast On The Left is one of my new favs thanks to y’all among many others. And currently the only podcast with white host I listen to right now.
    My husband used to question me a lot why I would stop listening to certain black podcasts. And I would just say, I realized it’s not for me and that’s ok. I don’t go around badmouthing those podcasts. Everything isn’t for everyone. But when you find a podcast that you click with, it’s so special!

    So thank y’all for always being yourself and being awesome!

    Love y’all,

    • Phil G

      I just wanted to say that I tried an Arbys chicken sandwich for the research, whoever says it’s better than almost any chicken sandwich is a liar. The beat McDonald’s and that’s about it.

  2. ebibebi

    Hey y’all! You said my screen name right the last time but you can just shorten it to ebi (eh-bee).

    I know I am absolutely in the minority here, but I grew up eating sugar grits. For a few years there I didn’t even know savory grits were a thing. The other side of my family whispered behind my back and screwed up their faces when I said I liked sugar in my grits and I just knew right then and there that I was probably weird lol.

    BUT. Even as a kid I was very particular about it. I don’t just lob some sugar in my grits (ew, for why?), I’ve always basically made them pumpkin spice when I make them at home. If not pumpkin spice, I always add the run of the mill spices and flavoring stuff you’d use when baking. Like vanilla beans. I might even pair it with some kinda carmalized fruit and skip directly adding sugar in there. On a lazy day maybe just butter and cinnanon and a liiiittle sugar. Juuuust enough to make it sweet. So, while I’m pretty sure pumpkin spice grits aren’t a mainstream thing or even a thing you can have made FOR you at a restuarant, I’ve definitely always made them. I eat both sweet and savory so I’ve made grits for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert lol They’re such a versatile thing and so easy to personalize. Obviously I didn’t carmelize fruit as a kid, but I definitely would go into the kitchen and look at the spice rack and make up new combinations of stuff. I just ain’t know it was called pumpkin spice until the starbucks drink got popular and I had to look up wtf that meant.

    Also, as a horror fan…you are absolutely right. We will marathon all 9 Freddy Krueger movies knowing good and god damn well most of them are NOT good lol The original It miniseries was over 3 hours long and I used to have to watch it on cable channels with commercials so you were LITERALLY sitting there all day if you got through it.

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