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1949: Chicken Related Violence

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Rod and Karen discuss the reaction to Dave Chappelle’s latest stand up, Leslie Jones hosting Supermarket Sweep, Jay-Z deal with NFL revealed, Lizzo, Meek Mill, Macy’s ex-employee steals, heroin eye shadow, Chick Fil-A beat down and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Felix

    I didnt watch or know about Dave Chappelle until a few years ago, probably due to me being a toddler when he was at his height. These recent specials are my introduction to him and I can 100% see the appeal of his comedy. I’m definitely one of those people that was into it until he started on the transphobic stuff and started sounding like every hack comedian who’s complaining about people being sensitive. If a joke bombs, it bombs, going on and on about it and turning it into a crusade like this just makes me feel less inclined to watch his stuff despite enjoying most of it. Its wierd anyway. Kinda a wierd hill to die on in my opinion. I appreciated both your thought on this though. I’m still not that familiar with him as a person so getting some context on him was insightful.

  2. Forest

    Man, what you said about black people being Republican if it weren’t for the racism is so trill. Hell, we ain’t even gotta go back that far. A LOT of black people were fucking with Republicans during the W years. I remember, bc that administration was doing a whole lotta outreach to black churches on the basis of social conservatism and the fact that W was putting people like Powell and Rice in positions of power made some black people feel at ease. Now, it was never a sizable portion, but it was enough to def let me know that a lot of black people only fuck with black liberation as it fits in their respective lens of respectability.

    On the Chappelle special, I watched and I can admit that dude can just be funny based on his delivery alone. It annoying to me bc he’s known for being this genius and he’s definitely earned that for previous work, but the cognitive dissonance was yikes to me. The clip you played was the one that stuck out to me the most. More than anything, I just wanted him to move the fuck on. I just wish he’d get this shit out of his system and get out the whole lane where he feels the need to comment on LGBTQ ish, especially though this bullshit lens of rebelliousness. Like, you can’t be rebellious with the majority opinion.

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