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1951: What Is Canceled Anyway?

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Rod and Karen discuss Nate Parker is back, Rick Ross unfollows his daughter for getting pregnant, Walmart is going to stop selling assault rifle ammo, Shaun King releasing fundraising report. black women introverts at work, NC teen registers voters at Popeye’s, Janelle Monae apologizes for tweets about black people at Popeye’s, Florida woman beats up elderly boyfriend over TV remote, GA man kept mother’s corpse, Fort Mill mom driving with child on the roof of car and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Trey_swindu744

    I absolutely loved that black woman being introverted in white work spaces article and definitely could relate as an introverted black man . One of the main things I hate as it relates to this type of situation is having to taper your own emotions as a black introvert in a work environment while some “other” employees can do whatever sometimes .And I definitely feel that forced-talk-about-yourself-or-die muthafucka vibe that we have to deal with sometimes in the work environment and it’s plain exhausting. When you go home from work-you just have to crash and recharge. But I try to meditate,exercise ,listen music listen to ya’ll’s podcast (which is always a big help) or do whatever to keep the positive vibes going to keep the stress down .

    Karen thank you for saying that about black people not being allowed to enjoy something. You gotta ask some folks some days – “man do y’all mf’s like anything …..shit!” Lol Just want to send this message to the overly woke crowd – I love and appreciate y’all ‘s passion for your activism and your people but please learn to balance that shit out with some joy in your lives in anyway you can find it. BALANCE is key to staying Healthy and Sane . And just and FYI people ain’t gonna want to be around y’all assess you keep on ….lol

    Rod that smell this is too real bruh!

    Thanks again Rod and Karen

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