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BDS 318: Catsuit Alert!

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Lonzo Ball admits his shoes were trash, Chris Paul in the body issue, Lebron tries to trademark Taco Tuesday, Coco Gauff, DeAndre Hopkins on Bob McNair, Marcellus Wiley still on Kaepernick’s ass, Melo, Goff gets paid, Brissett gets paid, Kobe on Shaq, NBA ownership, Antonio Brown and should elite black athletes go to HBCU’s?


  1. rodimusprime

    Whats up Rod, Karen and Mike Jayock. I was going to comment last week about Antonio Brown but boy I’m glad I waited. That nigga is wild. I do blame him for his part but also the blame falls on the Raiders for trying to reason with a irrational habitual line stepper. The more you bend with those type the more lines they step. Also niggas acting like Colin kneeled so AB could call his boss a cracker. Like its crazy to me the mental gymnastics folks doing to excuse that mess. I will say it seems AB gave niggas a reason to end they “boycott”. Also what you think about the Patriots deal with him. I know some folks think it was smart but math tells me different. But anyway love the show as always.


  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Jeddie Kitchens,

    The Cleveland Browns are the ultimate “the limit is the sky” team, ain’t they? Put expectations on the Browns and they’ll succumb to pressure, kinda like Baker Mayfield in the fourth quarter. I hope he knows that folks were only cool with his “chip on the shoulder” shit when they win. Lord almighty, that love ain’t conditional. And they put up 18 penalties? Oh no Freddie Kitchens, what is you doing baby? You wanted to fire people for talking shit but it sounds like they had the right questions and you coached all the wrong answers! I can and have lived with the Browns being sorry, but nigga now they stupid too?

    At least Odell was out here flexing on these niggas. At least we got that.

    And guess whose playing on Monday Night Football next week?

    I need folks to stop saying that Kobe coaching up those girls into avenging a 1 point loss (22-21) with an 88 point blowout (115-27) is Kobe impersonating Jordan. Naw dawg. There is nothing less Michael Jordan like than taking an active role in your child’s life and coaching their team. Kobe out here trying to coach them girls up to greatness.

    It ain’t unusual to hear youth coaches question a kid’s dedication to the team…it just hits way different coming from Kobe fucking Bryant.

    Have a great day and weekend y’all, peace!

  3. fyahworks

    What up rod Karen, and Cleveland jlacks

    1) Man that was a rough week 1!
    The blacks played horrible!
    Odell wanna play with a 350k watch on his wrist! Baker had 3 picks!
    I feel the best game was saints/Texans (Monday night)

    2)Miami is on its way to tank town! They got that ass beat so bad, there was a joke made that said Baltimore hit Miami harder than hurricane Dorian ever could! And now there’s rumors players are calling their agents to get off the team!

    3) speaking of hurricanes, Michael “mom jean wearing” Jordan, is donating 1 milly to the Bahamas where he frequently visits and has a house. Of course here came the haters, talking about lebron and taco Tuesday! But lebron donates, works with various charities, and opened a mother fucking school! If you shoot at the king you best not miss! You don’t get a building at the Nike headquarters named after you just because!

    4) Karen, your favorite pizza joint, massa johns, has Shaq doing commercials now! Retirement must be nice! Shaq doing general car insurance, icy hot, and now massa johns among others! Get that coin Shaq diesel!

    5) last but not least, did you guys catch the 30 fo 30 with Dennis Rodman?

    Over & out


    Niggaz only, only niggaz

  4. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen and Jr Joughstax

    How about them new look Cleveland Browns? Yeah it’s only week one, but after all that hype these jokes are gonna fly! RG3 came off the bench and put up the same stats as ITWAN Mayfield. They sent Romo and Nantz out there for the #1 game slot just to lose by 30 to the Titans. All that excitement over Odell Beckham and he gets outplayed by Dough’s boy Josh Gordon.

    And speaking of Josh, he’s about to get even more help with the NFL’s Littlefinger Antonio Brown. Rod was on it, chaos really is a ladder to this nigga. He finessed an illegally recorded phone call with his coach and an off-season of fuckery to getting on the best team in the league and actually got a raise for 2019! Your fave could never.

    And shout out to Rod getting so bored with winning in fantasy, he’s leaving Desean Jackson and Sammy Watkins on his bench just to challenge himself. Alright y’all have a great week as always.

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