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1959: The Sandwich Police

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Rod and Karen discuss Karen’s random thoughts, DeRay vs Shaun King heats up on Twitter, Felicity Huffman gets 14 days in prison, Megan Thee Stallion signs with Roc Nation, Bowen Yang is first Asian on SNL, Shane Gillis made racist joke about Asians and is also cast on SNL, black women voting, cop charged with DUI, man convicted for shotgun booby trap, woman arrested at hotel after loud sex and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    Felicity Huffman will be alright. She’ll do her two weeks or probably three days, get out and write a book. Lori Loughlin on the other hand may actually get a whole year for not cooperating but I can’t see her getting more time than that. Must be so nice to be white in America.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Rod and Karen,

    Your comments regarding Shaun King were so dead on. I keep asking the same thing you did, “If Shaun really scammed all these victims, why are they not slamming him?” The soapbox clearly exists for them to climb onto if they so desired. As someone on the outside, who used to follow both Shaun and Deray, the only way I could make sense of the madness was by unfollowing both. Guess what happened then, a lot of information I would like to know was not presented to me. How did I find out, someone who had access to their twitter accounts forwarded the information. I saddens me to see people not realize that not only they damaging each other, they are damaging those among us who are most truly in need.

  3. Mzme

    LMAO “Namaste ya’ll!” That’s merch! S/o to the Unofficial Expert Podcast. But seriously I need one of y’all to get on that design so I can have my tank

  4. gathwaegl

    The Shaun King stuff has been interesting to watch play out in real time.

    I’m always here for the jokes, but my bottom line has mostly been that I won’t give him my money because he doesn’t have the best track record on delivering what he intends to. That’s my decision. I prefer to give to people with a better track record. The stuff people have been putting him and his family through is rough. There’s no excuse for it.

    Again, you point it out, there’s no one out here saying ‘he stole my money.’

    When I first heard that Shaun had ‘hilarious’ money, it was when I was living in Atlanta–this was after he and his family moved but I heard he had been working as a pastor for a good while in the area. So every opportunity I had to talk to someone who had worked with him or interact with him, I asked. No one that I ever talked to ever said he stole their money and whatever. For the people who are still donating to him, they always say it’s because they still want to support him in whatever he’s doing.

    No foul there. I understand that people are (rightfully) big mad about him taking credit for their work or whatever, there are a lot of points to make against him that are valid. But stealing money? I don’t see it. Until someone has real proof of that, I have nothing to go off of.

    It doesn’t affect me in my life however it plays out. But people are just so engrossed in this. I haven’t sat down to read the documents from either side yet. And I’m not too keen on prioritizing over everything else I need to get done. But this is just more of the same stuff over and over.

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