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#Walking FTWD: Season 5: 14: Today And Tomorrow

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.


  1. Selester63

    What up Rod & Karen,

    I enjoyed this episode and we got some more insight about Ginny and the settlers. They seem to be on some psychotic type shit with the “join us, we just want to help you” and then if they feel you fucked up, they kill you. What kind bullshit is that.

    Al wants to get back in contact with the helicopter pilot lady. I can understand, I’m sure it gets lonely in the Z-Poc and when you find somebody that you vibe with you got to take a chance.

    And just when Morgan finally decides he needs to move on from his past and reach to Grace, she gets sick. I mean Damn. I hope she recovers but it doesn’t look good.

    Also Daniel and Grace sounded pretty good with that little tune.

    Have a good one, peace.

  2. Tootietaurus

    Hey Rod and Karen! I’m glad that Morgan is ready to embrace love. Too bad it’s going to be too late. They need to thin out this cast. Grace for sure is up on the block. Daniel looks like he’s ready to give Virginia & company these hands!! And shout out to Grammy Award winner Ruben Blades for giving us some tunes this episode. I’m getting annoyed with Al’s recklessness. See yall next week!

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