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1995: Great But…

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Evie E

    I really like the new addition of the book excepts and I learn some things I may not have heard of before. And I like this added Reading Rainbow music. lol.

  2. jamielscorpio

    I have been a listener since back when Steven Richards and Trill used to call. And yes I do miss some of the things from the old episodes like baller alert and bonding with y’all and Justin recap trueblood. But change is necessary to keep the show fresh with new ideas. Maybe one day the rap lyrics will come back. But the reading of the book excerpts work. I like the chance y’all took with it. Some of those books I have read myself and a lot of the passages you’ve read struck a chord with me when I read them too. Keep up the good work. And I tip my hat to y’all always improving evolving and working on becoming a better show.

  3. Sofa King

    Buddy at the Y sounds like the homie from Harlem Nights, talmbout how Sugar Ray better give him back the dice, so he could roll again. When he was demanding that you hand the pen over, you should have been like, “Well, I guess you gon’ have to stick us, ’cause I ain’t giving you shit!”

  4. SymSymma

    I’m convinced that Rod and Karen are trying to kill people. Rod made me choke when he started that MAGA freestyle! Epstein?! OMG I love y’all for real. Karen, I have been meaning to write to compliment your pun game. You have been making work and mundane household chores a treat.

  5. Ramsey Pussybow

    Five-stars! I knew when Rod started reading the Four-Star feedback, I sat at the light like “this is their show and they are going to do whatever they want to do.” I enjoy the variety of openings that Rod does, whether it’s the TBGWT Reading Rainbow, or rap-lyrics, etc.

  6. Meiko

    Heeeyyyyy!! I cracked up when Rod said he and Karen were white women of color from different areas, Karen being the Southern racist and him being from Maine, lol! I think “white woman of color Rod” comes out in full force in the fall/winter. It’s like a white blanket to protect his delicate brown skin from the harsh cold. Nigga talking about having an African Violet he only brings out while he reads, while sitting on the patio with his Uggs and fluffy scarf, sippin his latté, being unapologetically unbothered. Clearly, I’m jealous. Also, Rod-we have a similar issue (a GIFT)-as soon as someone tells me they’re bothered by something that is a non-issue, unfortunately I now have to make jokes about it and bring it up sarcastically as much as possible, no matter the consequences-because it’s their fault for bringing it up! Anyway, glad I took a minute to comment while listening because I always want to but the moment passes and I forget to go back and do it. LOVE the show…take care!

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