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SMR 272: Star Wars: Rise Of The Skywalker

Rod and Karen review the final movie in the Star Wars trilogy “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker.” We also discuss some movie trailers and your feedback for Jumanji: The Next Level.



    Before I go into the thoughts on Rise of Skywalker, I’m so glad I’m not in some of these fandom circles, like, for real. I see why these people be hating the things they claim to “love”. I mean, I like the MCU more than Star Wars, but, I have to vastly divorce myself from those who are hooked on it like Pookie from New Jack City. In 2020, I’m going to keep avoiding these conversations & shipping arguments, it’s just not my thing really. Plus, I’m 32 & I’m just kinda getting too old for this shit.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed Star Wars 9. It’s not as nuanced as The Last Jedi, but that’s fine. I liked that JJ Abrams stuck with Rian’s narrative, while not having to strip himself of what also makes him a solid director. He & his writers had a lot to tie up & I see why things were certainly painstaking. Carrie Fisher dying dealt them a bad hand, which it does affect the final product, but they tried & that’s enough for me. It’s elegant, fun, gripping till the very end. While it’s my least favorite of this new trilogy, this is easily best Star Wars has ever been, as far as, the movies go. Maybe within a few months & the fervor behind it dies down, I’ll definitely watch it on Disney+, without dealing with these tired ass conversations online. For now, though, I think seeing it twice in theaters was certainly enough for me. I was pleased with it.

  2. Rigo1819

    Great review! Love listening to y’all. And welcome back Karen!

    Bringing Palpatine Back
    Leia’s wrap up and being a Jedi with a lightsaber
    Leia training Rey despite knowing she could be evil
    Poe’s love interest.
    Lightsaber pass from Rey to Kylo.
    Also peeped that lesbian kiss at the end, go ahead and turn the rainbow up.

    Where did the Kylo Rey relationship come from? F@#$ that.
    What happened between Finn and Rose? At the end of last Jedi there was a scene that made it seem like Rey was jealous of the two them.
    What was Finn going to tell Rey?!?! Man it just felt like JJ wanted to keep the whites in a relationship with the whites and nobody else could find love in this Universe.
    Why don’t we get more past stories from Poe?
    Why were the Knights of Ren so wack? They know how to make people scary a la Vader in Rogue One!
    Making Rey a Palpatine, I really liked the idea that anyone could be a Jedi and now we have royal Whites only bloodlines for the force. Now what’s that kid with the broom at the end of the Last Jedi going to do? Just sweep alien poop the rest of his life? Come on now! (In Karen’s voice)

    Controversial opinion: I liked the prequels the best, politics, cool graphics and continuity in the story. The original three and this one make no damn sense and that’s why they have to retcon shit all the time.

  3. Prath.t

    Hi Rod and Karen. I apologise in advance, but this is long.

    Firstly, I want to thank you for your review. I had my “arms folded” walking into it, and when I walked out I was MAAAAAD! Mainly at the Rian Johnson hating Star Wars fans who didn’t allow him to finish his vision of the trilogy conclusion, and to all of those hate-filled trolls I wish them a hearty f@&k you.
    But upon reflection, and listening to your review, I’ve tempered my reaction.
    Several caveats; I’m a fan of Star Wars, not a Star Wars fan (like the movies, don’t know the extended universe); and I’m a big fan of Rian Johnson’s work, if you hadn’t guessed.

    I felt they undid Rian’s work in the Last Jedi, opening up the world to the possibility that anyone could be a Jedi and letting “the past die”. Also I felt the lightsaber fight in the Last Jedi was way more memorable, and Rise of Skywalker did not have a “take my breath away” moment like a cruiser going to light speed through a fleet of Star destroyers.

    The obsession with seemingly “royal” bloodlines having the biggest impact on the galaxy felt so small minded and limiting to me. When Ray was revealed to be a Palpatine, I let out an audible “Man F&@k You!” It was all over for me from that point on. I can see your points regarding her renouncing her predestined evil future as a Palpatine as a key theme. Also the tying up of loose ends was pretty well done by Abrams. Credit where credit is due, you need to be a creative and brave individual to take on the impossible; making Star Wars fans happy.

    Just a few other negatives I needed to add:
    1. The Knights of Ren… underutilized? Would have loved them to be more than saber fodder for Kylo. Shouldn’t they have sided with Kylo since they are his knights? (Happy to plead ignorance on that point)
    2. The Kylo-Ray kiss… unnecessary but let the planet debate that.
    3. I Didn’t like how they coupled up all the main characters but that’s an American movie thing I gather.

    1. General Hux getting shot and the slide… delightful.
    2. Luke catching the lightsaber out of the fire… cheer-worthy
    3. Lightsaber handover mid fight between Ray and Kylo.. slick.
    4. Expanding force powers… MORE!

    Thanks again for your show!


  4. Forest

    That was hella dope! I thought it was a satisfying end. Much like GOT, people had their own ending in mind and now their taking that and other issues they been had out on this movie. I do think the pacing was a bit frantic, but I knew they were wrapping things up. So, I was good.

    I also loved the way the force was used. I loved the indirect crossover with The Mandalorian, bc the kid had just used the force to heal in the episode they released right before the movie dropped.

    It was disappointing seeing how Rose was treated, given how integral she was to The Last Jedi. It was also weird to go out of their way to emphasize what Finn had to say to Rey just to abandon it. Like, why even make it a thing? That said, these were minor annoyances. I still thoroughly enjoyed the ride and am excited to see what exploring the universe looks like when not so focused on the Skywalkers.

  5. logan2x1

    Hey y’all!
    Great review! I loved IT!! I teared up and cried at so many moments watching TROS. When Princess Leia is first on screen. When Rey is in the desert confronting Ren, I felt all that emotion! Even their light saber fight. I loved all the practical effects! Especially the costumes on the horses the ex-storm troopers ride! And totally cried again when Fin and Jannah went charging into battle on them.
    After the movie my daughter asked me why I was crying so much? This was such a big part of my childhood, the way doctors would get me to take my breathing treatments as a kid with asthma was to use my love of Star Wars. I was always afraid of the mask and I said it sounded like Darth Vader. But the doctor said, “well he’s a pretty powerful guy isn’t he?”

    The original cast is all older and they live on in these movies. I was so moved. Omg and when Chewie started crying!! So many moments!! All the tears. But so exciting and uplifting!

    I was surprised by the kiss. I really didn’t see that coming, but I was taken aback because in my head I always think of Daisy as being super young and Adam much older. But hey, he’s dead so *shrugs*

    My daughter and I also loved her new saber!! Got to get that for my collection!

    The humor in the movie was also perfect! This is definitely in my top 3 favorite Star Wars films! Episode IV, Episode IX, and episode VI/V

    Love you guys!

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