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PG 219: Everyone Is Dumb At 15

Rod and Justin discuss Camila Cabello, outrage being used by people, Justin work drama, standing up for yourself, YMCA basketball, Star Wars debates, Star Trek movies, Shazam,  Breaking Bad, Skylar hate, TV shows, Good Times live and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    Good evening Rod and J. Winston,

    Did y’all see Jameis end his season by throwing a pick six on the first play of overtime? His 30th interception of the year and 7th pick six of the season. The seven pick sixes is an all time record. Big win for Rod’s agenda.

    That’s the end of Jameis’s rookie contract with the Bucs. His first pass for them three years ago was also a pick six, so that would be a perfect ending to his time in Tampa if they don’t resign him. Do y’all think he’ll still be a starter in the NFL next year? He did throw for a lot of yards and TDs; despite all the picks I think someone will still take a chance on him.



  2. fyahworks

    First and foremost! Happy new year to you guys and of course queen K! I wish you guys continued success with life and the show! From Jan to dec it’s nonstop entertainment and I have enjoyed every second of it!looking forward to more and more entertaining shows from you all!

    Real quick what was your favorite story told or moment on pre game for 2019!

    Mine had to be rod going to the grocery and running into a guy who thought he knew rod and rod had no idea who he was! Kept asking him about the “spot”
    That story still makes me chuckle lol

    Peace and love


  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Justin,

    Rod, I just wanted to include this link as a reminder to Justin to never hate on our light-skinned singing goddess Mariah again: https://t.co/8v6asgsYMU

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