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BDS 330: No White Woman 2020

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Clinton Portis crime time, JR Smith cheating accusation, Steph Curry nudes allegation, Tom Couglin fired, NFL has moved on from Kap, prison basketball, Stephen A Smith interview, David Stern hospitalized, Janoris Jenkins cut by Giants, Antonio Brown baby mama drama, Khalil Mack charity, Lamar Odom is abstinent, Embiid bows down to Chuck and Shaq, Pats videographer suspsended, Dion Waiters suspended, Josh Gordon suspended, Jazz fan sues team and Westbrook, AJ Green, Charlotte getting MLS team, Magic wants credit for Lakers, Serena Williams, Hall of Fame inductions, T-Mac advising NBA players on finances, D Wade speaks on raising his 12 year old, Wiseman leaves for NBA, OBJ staying in Cleveland, Kameron Kelly cut, NBA tournament, Aaron Hernandez documentary and doping.


  1. rodimusprime

    Good evening Rod and J. Winston,

    Did y’all see Jameis end his season by throwing a pick six on the first play of overtime? His 30th interception of the year and 7th pick six of the season. The seven pick sixes is an all time record. Big win for Rod’s agenda.

    That’s the end of Jameis’s rookie contract with the Bucs. His first pass for them three years ago was also a pick six, so that would be a perfect ending to his time in Tampa if they don’t resign him. Do y’all think he’ll still be a starter in the NFL next year? He did throw for a lot of yards and TDs; despite all the picks I think someone will still take a chance on him.



  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and The Jeveland Browns,

    Happy new years! I hope all is well. I apologize for the length of this and to anyone in Florence County, SC.

    RIP to David Stern. I appreciated seeing folks have nuanced takes on Stern’s legacy. He laid the groundwork for the league as it is now and I like how with growth and age, lotta folks (myself included) came to appreciate his work.

    I know y’all don’t really cover college football, but I just wanted to say fuck Clemson. Fuck South Carolina. Fuck palmettos. Fuck plantations; I hate slavery. Fuck Fort Sumpter. Fuck Dabo Swinny; ole prosperity all lives matter preaching bastard. Clemson ain’t nothing but Auburn a lake and their mascot had them Richard Pryor freebase eyes. State doesn’t even have any dot on a map cities neither.

    And the Browns fired Kitchens, who had the audacity to believe they wouldn’t fire him? What kind of enwhitelement is that? I’ve seen under performing Browns teams and I’ve seen headass Browns teams, but I’ve never seen an underperforming headass Browns team. Amazing. Breaking all new grounds in looking foolish as shit. And then fire the GM who got all these super talented players (and Baker Mayfield) on the same team? I’m disgusted.

    Fuck this, I’m a Ravens fan now

    I know Amani has been rightfully partying after I said the Niners would be sorry. Guess Shanahan channeled trying to impress his dad into running a title contender team.

    Sorry again for the length of this, but I hope y’all had a wonferful new year and wish all y’all a prosperous, safe and healthy 2020. Thank you for all the amazing content, you buncha magnificent niggas.

    Niggas only, only niggas.

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and J Kuzma

    Justin’s boy and his trainer out here shaking the table! It’s really gonna hurt when they trade him and his new Eminem hair outta town at the deadline after talking all that shit about LeBron. He’s not Lonzo Ball where you can have fake internet beef. Hate to see it for your boy.

    But I want to congratulate all the preseason predictions who got it right this year. Didn’t everyone say the team that finished 3rd in their division last year was going to finally take off and make the playoffs in 2019? Oh y’all picked the Browns, nah I was talking about my 49ers! From 2nd pick in the draft to 2nd best record in the league you know I gotta talk my shit! First time making the playoffs since Aldon Smith was staying sober. We made it!

    Alright y’all just want to wish everybody a Happy New Year and hope y’all live your best lives in 2020 and don’t let people steal your joy.

  4. fyahworks

    Happy 2020 riverboat Rod & j Freddie kitchens

    I would like your thoughts on the following:

    Ron Rivera is locked up for 5 years with the Washington racial slurs.

    Cleveland is doing Cleveland things, firing a first year coach who had no control over the underachieving browns!

    why is it taking Jerry Jones so long to fire Jason Garrett? They are up to meeting number 3,
    it couldn’t be resolved in the first 2, wtf!??

    Switching gears to the nba,

    Apparently Dallas is a front runner for the iggy sweepstakes,

    Darren collision want to return to the league after an impromptu-retirement, finding God

    And Dominic’s sixers are interested in cj McCollum! Portland, in my opinion needs to blow that whole team up! It’s just not working!!

    Lastly Rip to David stern!
    What are you guys thoughts on his tenure as commish of the nba for roughly 30 years

    Nigz only
    Only nigz


  5. thatdudefromvi

    Hey y’all,

    I am shooketh! The Lakers seems to be losing the important games. Lost to the Clips twice , Dallas and also the Bucks. Am I just tripping or do y’all think they might have a problem deeper in the playoffs? (My bad if this is too sportsy.)

    Also, the shows have been excellent as always.

    Thanks for the great content.

    -That Dude From VI

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