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SMR 273: Waves

Rod and Justin discuss the compelling drama “Waves.” We also discuss your feedback.



    I don’t know how I ended up enjoying this film in the fashion that I did, because, man it’s rough. Rod, you & Justin, I thought, made valid points about the first half of the movie being as unpleasant as it was. Oddly enough, I was able to endure it. I will say that opening was a bit too flashy for me with the 360° camera stuff & the music being too loud, but it found its footing. Sterling K. Brown was very strong here & demonstrated some pretty good duality with Kelvin Harrison Jr. & Taylor Russell. Admittedly, I started crying a little bit when his range of emotions change when he started hanging out with Russell’s character. Gone was the father being hard on his son, who was so broken & fragile & now this man who has to learn how to talk to his daughter, in which, he hardly develop a relationship with, cuz he was too busy with work & molding his son. Good ranged developed by him & Russell. I even like Taylor Goldsbury, who plays the mom. While she’s not in it a lot, I felt that shit, when she told Sterling’s character that “you broke your son”. Right or wrong, I felt THAT. Lucas Hedges was good, as well. Dude continues to put in great work. He was also strong in Honey Boy. Hard to believe this film was directed by Edward Trey Shults, who directed that terrible It Comes At Night movie. I really enjoyed this film, but I understand how heavy of a watch it can be.

  2. Anzidavis

    Hi Rod and Justin, I heard about the movie because NPR did an interview with Sterling K Brown about the movie, but he just said it was about fatherhood and learning how to be a better father. When the son pushed Sterling to the ground, I was expecting old black man strength to keep in and thought oh Sterling went to prison for killing his son and the regret of not being there for the daughter was what he meant about being a better father. Thank God for the 2nd movie because man I was like oh hell naw, it would have been way better if the movie started with son in prison and using flashbacks to show how he got there but the main thread be about the aftermath of healing the marriage and relationship with daughter and new relationship with boyfriend. Enjoyed the movies and your review, keep these indie movie reviews coming!!!

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Justin,

    I was glad when I saw your review of Waves download to my feed. I saw this movie and was torn by loving it and being confused by it. I went to see this without knowing what the film was about because I love Sterling K. Brown and Renee Elise Goldsberry. I was torn on the two film aspects, but like you (Rod) I don’t think I would have been pleased had the film end with Tyler self-destructing. I think the glimpse into the possible collapse of the parents’ marriage and Emily having to navigate her community/school as the sister of a reviled criminal made the movie work for me. Like you and Justin, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop with the white boyfriend (I can’t remember his name), and when it didn’t, I began to enjoy that love story. Hell once I accepted that the boyfriend was the real deal, I thought we would get the moment when his dying father called Emily over. I thought he was going to call her a Nigger, but he just told her she was beautiful. I would have liked the film to end with Emily driving up to the prison to see her brother, but I liked what I got.

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