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2014: Our Ancestor’s Wildest Dreams

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Rod and Karen discuss southern black people in America, Amanda Seales getting co-host gig with The Real, Aldi in the UK helping families in need, Wakanda was on an official US government site, Dem introduce bill to study effects of sex trafficking law, energy drinks increase stroke risks, Weinstein settlement, employer patients test, 700K will lose food stamps with new work requirement, med students take picture at plantation, Black Nutcracker bans sisters to braids, racist cop enters the wrong house, feces man is free, man shoots sister at Thanksgiving, woman stabs boyfriend in hospital, principle slaps old man, man shoots at a coworker’s mom over sandwich order and sword ratchetness.

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  1. El Jefe

    I had a great Christmas this year, but honestly the best part was Karen finally saying DRACARYS! She is honestly a national treasure. Thanks for making the holiday season that much better!

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