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2015: Colin Capitalism

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Rod and Karen discuss not having hope in white people, Bill Cosby mad at Eddie Murphy joke, AMC theater workers don’t get overtime, Amazon re-selling scams, bots are stealing artwork online, Twitter NSFW purge could be coming, Eddie Johnson fired from Chicago Police Department, Lizzo vs Boyce Watkins, sex toy safety standards, Black Capitalists, Kenya Barris colorism continues, Kim K accused of wearing black face, Camila Cabello apologizes for old Tumblr posts, shopper stabs shopper, man caught masturbating in Wal-Mart and man caught filming people having sex.

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  1. K

    This is not in response to a specific story, but is somewhat related to this week’s Reading rainbow. The general idea has seemingly come up more and more over the past few months. It’s the idea of balancing “wokeness” in public settings, especially around white folk (eg. corporate or social settings). You obviously don’t want to alienate people by having to be a “well actually” type of person and commenting or critique everything that someone says or does. However, when in some white circles, I feel like I am finding myself having to speak up more and more to dispel common stereotypes they are spewing.

    For example, “I don’t want my tax money going to illegal immigrants”. When in reality, illegal immigrants are unable to even access most social benefits that citizens enjoy. Or another common steryotype – “women nowadays can just accuse men of anything now and ruin the man’s life”. In reality, I’m not sure of the exact number, but I heard something like only up to 10% of claims are made by women against men turn out to be false or recanted. Last one – “my family wasn’t born rich, but we worked hard and pulled ourselves up, we didn’t sit back and rely on welfare”. This one is often associated with the claim that minorities are milking the welfare system, when in reality, more white folk use these benefits than any other group.

    All of these, and others, have led to long ass discussions and people pretty much throwing out right-wing talking points. I know this was a bit long-winded, but was just curious if others are encountering this more and more recently (maybe having something to do with Trump) and how they balance need to speak up against harmful rhetoric like this, while also trying to avoid drawn out arguments. Especially when the likelihood that the person will change their mindset is low. Have a great rest of the weekend all.


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