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SMR 274: Hustlers

Rod and Justin discuss the scamming stripper film, “Hustlers.”  We also discuss your feedback.



    Hustlers was a very good movie. Much more entertaining than I expected to be honest. J-Lo gives her best performance in quite some time & her commitment to this character she played. Matter of fact, pretty much every character was solid, even Julia “where the fuck you been ass” Stiles was good as the writer, who eventually wrote the story on this for New York magazine. I did feel that, despite the story & characters being well done, I felt it could’ve used 15 minutes. Maybe having read the article, based on this movie, I could’ve been better served in certain avenues, especially getting proper closure with the Lopez & Constance Wu character. But, to be fair, I am asking for a lady version of Goodfellas & audiences may not be ready for that. Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed it, otherwise.

  2. ProfKori

    So glad y’all reviewed this. I couldn’t agree more with how impressive J Lo was! She nailed that opening dance scene, and she nailed the acting more generally. The Christmas scene where she had that connection with grandma was just one of many moments that she showed real depth. This movie made clear to me that she just doesn’t usually get roles that show her range.

  3. Anzidavis

    Hi Rod & Justin, I am so glad that you two saw this movie. Keke Palmer is a treasure in the movie with her running away in heels. My only fault with the movie is I didn’t get to hear Jo-Lo, Keke and the other girl point of view of the story because I felt like Constance Wu character was trying to act like her hands wasn’t as dirty as they were.

  4. Rigo1819

    Great review with J Trill!

    Agreed with most points but not sure about these women not being broken down to their lowest points. After all, JLO was addicted to the glam life and Constance Wu had just gotten away from an abusive baby daddy and was scammed into a $60 bj that should’ve been $300. I’d say that fits the model of the world is unfair and they deserve revenge.

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