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PG 220: The Publix Prophecy

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss New Years, YMCA basketball, people becoming introverts as they get older, Barstool sports trap, Charlotte podcasting, Karen’s polite lies, listener feedback, integrity in friendships, feedback and fighting as kids.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and J Trillious Lannister,

    I think my favoritest Pre Game moment was an episode where Karen cleanly laid out the importance of using PTO at your jobs cuz they don’t give a fuck abour you. That legit made me reconsider how i see my PTO at my job and why I’m fine scheduling it whenever the hell I do. Yeah for real though, thank you for that one Karen.

    Justin, your exploits at work are always hilarious. Also, you celebrating getting your MA was dope as hell and fucking awesome.

    The episode where y’all talked about that woke white man letting his wokeness get him gaffled was hilarious.

    Sheriff McFadden being a Make Em Mad All Star was fantastic.

    All of your Y stories are fasciating and funny as shit.

    Honestly the best moment of the Pre Game is probably when y’all started recording them. High key the Pre Game is secretly a great review show for that documentary about why someone needs to shoot Kirk Frost aka Love And Hip Hop. And y’all talking highly of Snowfall put me onto the show. Yo Franklin is *evil* evil.

    The Pre Game is awesome and listening to y’all chop it up is a delight. I mean, shit it almost feels pateonizing to say I hope y’all keep up the great work cuz the work stays that greatness. Thanks y’all. Niggas only, only niggas. Peace.

  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Justin,

    Okay, that was scary. As soon as I started composing this email, google auto-populated the “what up Rod and Justin” for me. These niggas really are Skynet.

    Anyway, a while back I wrote in about playing ball with my coworkers. Well, I gave that a shot and my knees were like “nigga please!”. Hooping on concrete ain’t for 35 yo knees.

    Since I can’t hoop in real life, I did what every other millennial does, hoop in video games. I just recently started playing NBA 2K20 online. And it’s basically online pickup basketball except you get to build a player that’s way better than your real-life skill level. I happened to be playing while listening to an episode of pregame and realized I have the same frustrations online that yall have in real life. Most notably bad spacing. We’ll have 3 niggas setting a pick for the ballhandler and all 3 rolling to the hoop. So now the ballhandler has to basically shoot a 3 because the lane is clogged. But more frustrating than bad spacing is the bad shots. Since like I said, everybody is better than their real-life selves, niggas chuck up ANYTHING. I try to remain positive like Rod, but ultimately I end up cussing niggas out because we’re getting blown out by 30 and niggas continue to play selfishly. Occasionally we’ll have a competitive game but most games are blowouts because niggas don’t do the basics like defense and box out. Same shit I hear yall complain about lol.

    Lastly, if yall haven’t seen Messiah on Netflix, it’s must-watch! Also, Justin, you might enjoy the reality show The Circle on Netflix. It’s basically a social media experiment where the winner gets $100K if they get voted most popular at the end. So some niggas are catfish and the whole thing happens online through a voice-activated app.

    Aight enough rambling peace,

    Jeremy Fuller

    “A man’s mettle can only be forged in the fires of adversity”

  3. Amani

    I mean Judgement and Decision Making is all-time classic, but my favorite Pre-game moment this year is from episode 186 Niggas Only talking about Sheriff McFadden going up to the white neighborhood and dragging them to their faces. And obviously any stories with Lawana.

    Any time y’all break down documentaries, especially about scammers is always a highlight. Except when you impugn the virtue of the saintly and saved Ms. Smart who would obviously never be a party to any such shenanigans!

    Sending my love to Karen, just know you are absolutely loved and protected.

  4. p.a.joseph

    Hey PG Crew!

    I rated my 3 favorite moments from PG. Ill keep it quick.
    1. PG: 179 White People Recipes. I once made the mistake of bringing in some fantastical shit to a potluck and white people then started to force their unseasoned malaria infested dishes in my face for confirmation that they are on my level. I FELT that segment of the episode.

    2. PG: 202 Judgement and Decision Making. I laughed a new ab on this episode. Its a legendary episode like Simpin Saturday.

    3. PG: 190 Vines. The conversation about wearing cologne as a kid. It brought me back to my savage days and my ex throwing away my personal home made mix of Aspen, Cool Water and 3 drops of Curve cologne.

    Aight niggas.

    be easy

    • rodimusprime

      Guten Tag My Niggas!

      I would like to express my deepest condolences to you Karen. Losing a parent no matter the relationship is tough. You are blessed to have such a strong and supportive community holding you up through this hard time.

      Most of you know that I’ve relocated to the land of the original whites. The architecture and non Nazi history is charming but I miss the ease of access to blackness terribly. Ti compensate I spent the last month enjoying PG, BDS, LSG and Nerd Off. It made me appreciate you guys even more.

      As a thank you I sent a few items from Germany to share with your families. Karen I saw this bottle and immediately thought of you. I hope you enjoy it. Rod, Justin I sent one of my favourite bottles of rum that I discovered here for you to enjoy. I hope you like it.

      Aight niggas
      Cheers to another year.

      Here’s the tracking number with DHL

  5. fyahworks

    Hey rod Karen and j thrill

    Y’all coming out that 2020 gate blazing, so much content! SMR, PG, BDS! Keep it coming!!! You are appreciated (2pac voice)

    Quick question!
    If you would make an addition, to the bds intro what celeb/athlete would you add!

    One love


  6. katrese206

    my favorite 2019 PG moments were judgement & decision making & n*ggas only (or, was that on BD?)… I also enjoyed the deeper discussions on various life topics.

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