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BDS 331: Shut Up Woman!

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Rivera joins the Redskins, Kitchens fired, The Lakers losses, the 6ers struggling, David Stern dies, TO disses Marvin Harrison, Kap’s shoes, Gilbert Arenas on IT going in the stands, Rich Hill and wife arrested, Marshawn Lynch returns, Chase Winovich, Nick Young finally proposes, racist letter to Lamar Jackson, JR Smith having a sad Christmas, Serena and Lebron win athletes of the year, Antonio Brown works out for Saints, Superbowl parties, Jacoby Brissett, Browns fire GM, Kerr complains about refs, Trubisky gets commitment at QB, Dedmon investigated and Eli wants to start.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen, and Jevin Love,

    For the record: I used Jevin Love as a positive cuz Kevin Love has definitely become my favorite non-LeBron Cavs player ever. What is more in the spirit of Luchini Fallin From The Sky than telling your GM to fine you cuz “I’ve got plenty of money”? I used to write in y’all calling Kevin Love everything from that dumbass nickname of “Kevin Ove” to everything other than a child of LeBron, yet here I am having become a big fan of his. It wasn’t just Love turning into the Seasonless Dennis Rodman to lock down Steph DeBarge in the 2016 NBA Finals; it was Love being open about his mental health when that goddamn knee high ass nigga Isiah Thomas was infesting the team. And now it’s Love effectively telling the GM to fine him cuz his money long.

    I can’t fault Love. That nigga won a title with that team and is cursed to watch Sexton dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble like a bad Kyrie clone.

    What are some athlete’s y’all turned the corner on and either dropped the beef or became fans of?

    My biggest example would D Wade. I have negative 100 percent jokes about him having break babies since he stepped up and loved the fuck outta Zion. Shit legit moved me to tears cuz that ain’t some shit I ever expected to see nor did I expect a pair of hall of fame-grade roughnecks to respect it neither. I am so glad that Gabby and D Wade are openly loving Zion in the face of a slew of niggas on social media who wish they’d shame that child into depression and suicide (I ain’t pulling no punch for that one).

    Also, shouts out to the ofay coaching the Cavs that called the players thugs! I know your contract is guranteed and Sexton dribbling from 99 to Infitnity to annoying as shit, but jesus there gotta be easier ways to get outta that job than some weapon grade-cism!

    So like, I cuss *a lot* when I ain’t at my job. I cannot call folks who screw up at my job anything with a four letter word, but I feel for folks who have to fight that urge. Aye, Bomani seemed like a step away from cussing the NFL out this week after they proved their main directive on coach hiring is focusing on anyone that has dirty legs and unseasoned food. Like the Brown are interviewing Jim Schwartz, who had a winning season in his 3rd year in Detroit bracketed by a pair of losing seasons in his first and last 2 years in Detroit. The Cleveland Blacks interviewed him this week, as though Eric Bieniemy ain’t on the Kansas City sidelines waiting for a head coach job offer. It can’t help that Bieneimy looks like Steve Harris, but still, I wish the Browns would hire him.

    Oh and for my favorite Balls Deep moments of the decade? Drunk Deep Sports had me falling outta my desk chair and struggling to breath from laughing. The episode where y’all broke down Michael “Cheese Eyes” Jordan’s Hall of Fame speech was a classic; and, cuz this episode meant a lot to me: when the Cavs won the title and y’all played the Rocky music behind my fucking all caps rant? That meant so fucking much. Thanks y’all. And the episodes with Trill, Rae Sanni, Kriss and Chris Lamberth were all classics. I cannot understate the value of having a sports podcast that can talk at length and depth about issues such as rape culture at Baylor, racism around Lebron protesting police lynchings and also have an entire celebratory segment to NBA players getting *all* the dollars. Y’all are equal parts ratchet as hell and insightful as hell and I truly appreciate the work y’all do.

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and J. Perkins

    Your boy Perk musta forgot the #1 savage in the league has nothing but free time on his hands to get spicy on the bird! KD was done with the burner accounts and had to tell that man don’t worry about what goes on at the top of things! Let that chopper spray! This is the petty Durant I’m here for.

    And speaking of petty, Kevin L is DONE with the bs in Cleveland! After years of Dough’s hating, Kevin finally made history and might be the first white player we’ve seen demand a trade twice. An early 2020 ITWAN Balls of the Year contender. Imagine if that was Karl Anthony Towns throwing the ball at people because he didn’t get a pass in the paint, or walking off on D after daring his GM to fine him because he’s rich.

    Alright y’all have a great week as always

  3. p.a.joseph

    Hey Rod, Karen and Jam Newton.

    New Year, new coach, possibly a new GM, a new woman and a baby on the way. Maybe with all these changes he will go back to eating meat. Hopefully he will get on the Kobe Plan and play through adversity.

    Now that I have a little bit more time on my hands I can write in more often. I know you guys will get a lot of write ins about the most popular news so Ill just stick to the lesser known stuff.

    RIP to the up and coming soccer star Eric Birighitti. He decided that the waters of Australia were safer than the fires and sadly discovered he was delicious to several sharks.

    An even more gruesome sight will be a Logan Paul/Antonio Brown boxing match. Nobody wants to see that trash. Its a shame how fast hes fallen. It reminds of the best lesson my father taught me… “Shutting the f+ck up is the best option if your words are going to fuck up your money.”

    Lastly, shout out to TMZ sports for that funny and quick interview with Swaggy P about reentering the NBA and who he should invite to his wedding. Shit was funny.

    Aight Niggas. Be easy.

    Paul Andre Joseph

  4. fyahworks

    Greeting rod, Karen, and Justin beilein….

    1. So as usual, Cleveland is doing Cleveland things. The head coach has never grasped a hold of the team. During a film session, he called his players thugs! But tried to flip the script and say he meant slugs! Saying they are playing slow, but as of lately, they have picked up the pace! Just call them niggaz!

    2. When Carmelo played in msg the other day, you said he wanted to see his jersey up in the rafters one day! For as bad as this team as historically been, and during his tenure, one advancing to the 2nd round, and having losing seasons, do you guys feel he should have his jersey retired there? Or at all?

    3. Did you guys see the isiah Thomas tech/ejection when he ran into the ref? Do you guys feel that was warranted?

    4. Lastly it grinds my gears when people speak about certain nba teams in plural! (Heats magics etc) please stop!

    I’m out,
    Niggaz only, only niggaz


    Ps – -> congrats on your new coach Matt rhule!

  5. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen and J-erry Jones!

    So you finally quit that white boy, huh? Took you three conversations to break up but you finally did it. We’re proud of you. Try to enjoy single life before you jump right back into another toxic relationship. Maybe one day, you’ll realize that the toxic one is you.

    Rod your Stephen A impression is SNL-level quality. I was dying at “I let you talk (for 30 seconds)! now let me talk (for 20 minutes)!”

    That was a cool take on Stern. Like y’all I think his legacy is complicated, but mostly for the better. And I vividly remember that Jim Rome interview when Stern got sassy and said “When did you stop beating your wife?” My favorite part was that Jim Rome wasn’t expecting that response and didn’t understand how that phrase is commonly used to demonstrate a presumption of guilt. He paused for a couple seconds and said “Well, I don’t think that’s fair.” Jim Rome’s reaction has always made me wonder if he really did beat his wife…

    Love the show y’all.


  6. J-Full

    Maybe it’s because I’m high AF but this is the funniest shit ever. Rephen A. Smith was killing me. I

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