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SMR 283: 1917

Rod and Justin review the World War 1 action thriller, “1917.”



    What 1917 lacks in character depth, it makes up for it with its massively amazing cinematography with Roger Deakins & Sam Mendes sublime direction. It doesn’t replace Saving Private Ryan as my favorite war movie, but it’s very elegant. In a way, the cinematography IS the character. The desolate battlefields, bunkers, dead bodies, gunfights, etc. Every amount of detail matters from the perspectives of the characters who were well played by George McKay & Dean-Charles Mackey. Shit, I was scared for them, even if Dean-Charles’s character died, I was hella invested. What a film.

  2. Darienfoxx

    Man, as soon as they introduced the one dude who played Tommen in Game of Thrones I knew he was gonna die doing some soft-hearted shit. And that’s exactly what happened. I don’t know how you get type-cast for being a little bitch, but he does it so well.

  3. logan2x1

    This was a great review! I actually want to see this now. It sounds really intense with nonstop action. I also listened to your “A Hidden Life” review and I thought 1917 would be boring like that or even Saving Private Ryan. With a lot of quite moments and the action not picking up until near the end. And hey I have two background black people to look forward to. Yay lol.
    Y’all really were on it this week, thank you!


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