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SMR 282: Knives Out

Rod and Justin review Rian Johnson’s murder mystery “Knives Out.”


  1. April

    Hi Rod & Justin (maybe Karen)
    I went to see Knives Out a couple of weeks ago with my kids and as it got to the end I couldn’t remember if you said the woman who was the nurse was guilty or not. So I put in my earbud and listened to the podcast in the theatre to know if she was guilty or not (I had my phone in my purse!). I don’t care about being spoiled! I needed know! Thank you for your podcast!


    Man, this was Rian Johnson’s heat check & then some. I loved this film from start to finish, how smart it was, used Immigration as a part of the plot device cleverly & it’s very funny. I even tried to find a flaw in it & it’s really hard. I saw this film, right after, I saw Queen & Slim & I’m glad I did. Not only was it a palette cleanser, it was simply wonderful. Every actor & actress committed & then some. It’s beautiful even with each small set-piece. It’s violin heavy score is so good too. It’s among my top 3 favorite movies of 2019. Y’all can’t tell my dude, Rian Johnson shit! That dude deed it!

  3. Prath.t

    Hi Karen, Rod and Justin,

    It’s the Rian Johnson Stan back to give my 2 cents. You guessed it, I loved this movie! Your review, whilst shorter than other reviews, was comprehensive and I really enjoyed it. I thought the movie was so well written, structured and brilliantly cast. As you said, the large number of characters felt fully fleshed out, but contributed equally. The family ran the ideological spectrum from liberal to alt-right, whilst all being selfish and entitled in their own way. The immigration allegory was expertly done; poignant without being preachy.
    Using Marta as the moral centre and only reliable character helped me navigate the web of lies from every other family member. I thought using Marta’s vomit response to lying as a plot device was brilliant. The knife scene at the end was icing on the cake, and her sipping tea on the balcony was the cherry on top.

    Thanks again for the review!

    Ps. I appreciated your comments on my Star Wars post. It’s always good to get a perspective check.

  4. Anzidavis

    Hi Rod & Justin, all I can say is “My House My Rules”, It would have been even better if she actually yelled “get off my lawn” but that just my petty agenda kicking in

  5. logan2x1

    Oh wow! Y’all were busy this weekend, 3 reviews in one day! So glad you got to see this movie, my sister and I loved it! Just like you said, EVERYONE did an amazing job! There was a moment early on in the movie where I was sure Chris Evans’ character did it. Then he did that thing with his eyebrow, it’s so damn sexy. So like a girlish fool, I said “oh no, he didn’t do it. Maybe they’ll get married and have beautiful babies”. Should have stayed with my gut and not my ovaries. Lol
    Daniel Craig was my favorite along with Evans. The actress who played Martha was very good too. The trailers for this movie did a really good job too, they made it seem exciting without giving away too much.

    This movie was a really fun ride.


  6. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Justin,

    I was one of the people who suggested you see Knives Out, so I loved your review of The film and understand why it was brief. Knives Out is excellent and the performances are excellent, there were no loose threads. I agree that this is the type of film that rewards you for multiple viewings. I saw it twice, caught something I missed the first go-round and loved it both times. I will mention the two other subtle ways that the film showed you that the Thrumbey family were at the very least classist if not outright racist: 1) Everybody claiming they wanted Marta at the funeral, but they were outvoted, and 2) Not one of the family members knew the country Marta came from, each saying something different. I also agree that the final scene was a brilliant F you to the Thrumbeys of the world.

  7. Tootietaurus

    Hey Rod and Justin! I’ve really been curious about Knives Out. So happy to hear that it’s actually good! Looking forward to checking it out for myself. Thanks!

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