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SMR 281: Bombshell

Rod and Justin review 53% focused Me Too drama, “Bombshell.”

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    I really tried to enjoy Bombshell. Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, Kate MacKinnon & John Lithgow give great performances, but y’all hit it exactly on the head why I didn’t like it. Making three racist bitches the moral high-ground was a bad choice. I understood why they’re the focus, but the way the frames them as martyrs was way too much for me. Only reason that I couldn’t flat-out hate it, was Lithgow’s near-perfect performance as Roger Ailes. It was really the only thing that felt legit to me, as this film tried to be some voice for women who were fucked morally by Fox News. Jay Roach usually does good political commentary films. Shit, dude did great work with the Meet the Parents & Austin Powers movies. Unfortunately, it seems like he didn’t have a good idea of where to go with this movie. When this film had that disclaimer at the beginning, I kinda cringe & felt worse with everything was going. Even my one sleep during it, didn’t help.

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