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SMR 280: Uncut Gems

Rod and Justin review Adam Sandler’s dramatic thriller, “Uncut Gems.”


  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Justin,

    I just listened to mot of your review of Uncut Gems. It sounds good, so I have decided to go see it based on your recommendations.

    • ClassicRandBLover

      Well, I went to see Uncut Gems and then I returned to finish listening to the podcast, as I had stop about ten minutes in. As I watched, I kept waiting for Sandler to die because he was such a dick. I knew when he locked those guys in, it was over because Sandler’s character truly didn’t seem to get how much that one thug didn’t fuck with him. I damn near laughed when a Rod said the character had to die. I too wished that we got more LaKeith, who keeps proving what a good actor he is.


    I’m still trying to pick my jaw up from under the floor during what I saw in Uncut Gems. Now, I did like it, but it was too crazy for me, in spots, that I had no choice but to laugh hysterically. Kevin Garnett really invested his time into getting it right for this film & it really shows. I had an agenda against him, cuz he won’t stop being a sore loser about LeBron, he was great here. Idina Menzel, likewise. I want to see her do more live-action work. Very good screen presence. Adam Sandler was good, at best, as the detestable Howard Ratner (no relation to Brett Ratner’s violating ass). Dude made me hate his character so much, I started laughing. I didn’t like Julia Fox & Lakeith Stanfield. Both characters were underwritten & did very little to move the story along. Fox, more so, because she’s important to the overall story, but I thought she was very flat. This being her first movie juxtaposed to one Jodie Turner-Smith in Queen & Slim was not a good effort, imo. Hopefully, she’ll get better. I just wish the film would let off the gas petal and chill out, because there was so much going on. I did like it, but for others, you’ll either love it or hate it. Luckily, I was able to find a happy medium between that.


      Oh & one more thing, that nigga had to die! You too, Arno! Bye!

  3. Anzidavis

    Hi Rod and Justin, i cackled when he died, because Karma is that Bi$ch. Great review as always.

  4. Forest

    I liked the movie and agreed with most of what y’all said. The only place I differed was the ending. I didn’t care that he died. He earned that shit. I was just like, how y’all gon kill him before you get paid? Robbing the jewelry store don’t make sense, bc we already established this nigga shady. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if all that shit was fake. Y’all on camera. Y’all making just as many bad decisions as him. I guess I didn’t HATE hate the ending. It’s more that thing where you write an ending in your head, but it was def an entertaining watch.

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