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SMR 279: Honey Boy

Rod and Justin review Shia Lebeouf’s coming of age drama, “Honey Boy.” We also discuss your feedback to our latest reviews.



    Probably one of the tighter biopics I’ve ever watched, to be honest. Shia LaBeouf nailed this movie & wrote a top-notch script. Probably Shia’s best acting performance too. Lucas Hedges & Noah Jupe, who both played the characterizations of Shia were superb from start to finish. Alma Har’el directed an excellent film all done in a tight 90 minutes.

  2. Anonymous

    By far, my favorite Shia LaBeouf film ever, even if it is a fictionalized tale about his life. It’s a very vulnerable performance by him, Noah Jupe, Lucas Hedges & FKA Twigs even. Director Alma Har’el is able to command the best out of every one, every color & every moment of this film. Even more impressive, it’s a meaty tale done in 90 mins. Well done.

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