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2025: Reflections

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  1. PhDeeRamsey

    Five Stars. For anyone that wants African American Christmas paper, cards, etc. Etsy has some really cool items. https://www.etsy.com/search?q=african%20american%20christmas%20paper

  2. bamil73

    In my voicemail on this episode I said I’ve been listening to podcasts since 2004 and you wondered how one would even get podcasts in 04. Back then what I used to do was download the episode to my computer then transfer to my mp3 player. Notice I said mp3 player, not ipod. It’s not that ipods weren’t invented because they were. The first ones came out in ’01 and the itunes store was up and running by then. My cheap ass had a Creative NOMAD Jukebox Zen series. I think the only podcast i followed was Popcast by New York Times and maybe a tech news podcast, also from the New York Times. Downloading was a pain in the ass and not really convenient at all. I really didn’t start listening every day until around 2010/11 and by then it was apps on the phone that downloaded shit in the background.

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    It can’t be said enough, I love your reading rainbow segment. I like hearing the discussion that follows. I like the new information I’ve received. I like learning. I can’t say that enough. Thank you for sharing.

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