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2026: The Anthills Have Eyes

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Rod and Karen discuss white fear in the struggle to integrate schools, The Funny Bus tour, Shaggy didn’t get to work with Riri, Trick Daddy arrested, black mother’s GoFundMe claims investigated, Bill Cosby taking case to Supreme Court, Loni Love says black men cheat because of slavery, Cynthia Erivo not performing at BAFTAs, Yo Gottis and Roc Nation threaten to sue MS over prisons, woman murders man after movie date, repeat bank robber, dog food eater and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Lola Dolo

    Rod! When you said Roanoke to start the sword ratchetness story, I almost spit out my drink. My little country hometown on the show for some foolishness!!! Imagine my face when you read the names of the people and THE VICTIM GREW UP DOWN THE STREET FROM ME!!!!!! The whole family has mental illness and this story doesnt surprise me at all. That family is ALWAYS in some shit. Shooting at each other and fighting each other is normal behavior for them.

  2. Sofa King

    You and Karen spoke a whole word during y’all’s Reading Rainbow segment this episode! You nailed it, and it also made me think of those headasses who, whenever homophobia or transphobia comes up, get on that bullshit talking about, “Well, if it’s a phobia, what am I afraid of?” THAT. That’s *exactly* what you’re afraid of!

    And I’ll take it a step further than that, and you and Karen touched on this, during the segment: what these racists, homophobes, transphobes, xenophobes, etc. are really afraid of is that, if they accept us as people, if they have to admit that we’re NOT evil, that we’re not here to “replace” them, if giving us equality and a seat at the table DOESN’T destroy the country, if we’re not the Boogie Man that they were raised to think that we are, if they have to share with us, and treat us like they treat themselves, and the world keeps turning… then they will be faced with the truth, that an idea that has been central to their belief system for their entire lives is bullshit.

    And they’re afraid to face that, maybe more than anything, because if they admit that they’ve been wrong about THAT, then they have to start questioning what ELSE they’ve believed their whole lives is also bullshit, and what has their lives even been about, if everything that they believe in is a lie. And they’re not equipped to have that conversation with themselves!

  3. MizzBarnes72

    I cringed when I heard Loni make her comments. The first thing that I thought of was that she may have had unfortunate encounters with Black men. I also had unfortunate encounters with all types men, but I cannot be that person and say that all Black men aren’t shit because not all Black men are like what I encountered. It was just sad that she has that perspective.

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