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Rod and Karen discuss black resistance to separate but equal, Cardi B might run for office one day, Cory Booker drops out, new device monitors babies, turtle has a lot of sex, Meg-xit fallout, Tavis Smiley accusations unsealed, sex poll of 2019, bad wig bandit, man hits woman with bat for a burger, kids prank mom by pretending to rob her on camera and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Doug B

    100 – That kid pull a fake robbery on his mama for YouTube views has fucked with me, mostly because my mother would have beaten my black ass to death for doing something stupid like that.

  2. EvieE

    Real sex brings back memories. I don’t know how I got away with having cable tv in my room from the age of 10 and up but after my parents went to bed I’d stay up with the television turned down low and watch real sex. It blew my mind. That and taxi cab confessions where people told their entire life story. It blew my mind. HBO used to have some wild late night documentaries. Do you remember the documentary Pimps up Hoes Down? That was a hood classic.

  3. ogreen32

    Cardi B’s movie about becoming a politician would have to be called “From pole to poll” right? Y’all be easy.

  4. Felix

    That last guess the race man, how in the hell are you a concerned neighbor but not let the scared woman in the house while you call the cops? Why would you do that to your mum in the first place, I swear if the kid did that in Zambia all the uncles would’ve ganged up and taken turns beating his ass. I can feel myself turning into one right now. God that made me so mad. My parents raised me to respect my elders and hearing stuff like this… Like rah, brudda gonna get ‘is head caved in. The nerve of this gremlin. My word… I need a cup of tea. Treating your own mum like that… for YouTube views… Bruv… the audacity…

    Oh also great show as always. Love y’all.

  5. jamielscorpio

    The real sex discussion brought back memories. I think the worst was the penis puppeteer one. Like who in the hell was asking for a puppet show where a person made their dick look like a bird. But I must say those HBO sex shows had a lot of unintentional comedy. Thank you guys for the trip down memory lane.

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