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TTM 62: Light And Shadows

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    These last two episodes left me with so much anxiety. I love the inevitable tension of Toby and Kate marriage. It always feels like there’s no end in sight to their frustration with each other. I was gutted when he essentially revealed how sorry he felt for his blind child. The hurt and disgust in her face was palpable. Chrissy Metz has been doing great work.

    Did you all have this sinking feeling the entire Randall episode that the burglar may not have been real? I thought they were gonna find the cuff links and jewelry at the end.

    I don’t know. I was telling myself that it was a figment if his imagination the whole time. The guy only took his money clip and not his credit cards so it felt like this didn’t happen and could have a stress induced hallucination. You can’t prove somebody stole your cash. I’m still not actually convinced. I started to get mad at him for scary his wife and children. But I could also be very wrong and it’s a real thing.

    It feels far-fetched to me that Beth has stayed with him this long and never pushed him enough to force him to therapy.

    These were incredible episodes in my opinion. I love the Jack+Rebecca storyline so much. Kevin’s stuff tends to bore me now.

    Be blessed,

  2. mdog

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    This episode brought up a lot of feelings for me just because as someone who struggles with similar anxiety issues as Randall it was a lot. For me that scene where little Randall was scared of the dark and monsters and after Jack initially comforted him his response to him when Randall woke up the second time was basically “Your brother and sister are a handful already so imma need you to be the strong one here”. It felt like that became a recurring pattern with Randall and his family.I feel like Randall felt like because his siblings always had problems he had to be the “strong one” so he could not be a “problem” to his parents.
    I really hope he is finally able to come to terms that accepting help is alright, and he doesn’t need to constantly think he is the only one that can solve problems in this family.

    I am truly excited for next episode and that we find out who Kevin slept with. I feel like the show is expecting all of us to believe its Sophie, but what if its some wild shit like Sophies second cousin that he met at the funeral or something. I know that feels like something “A million little things” would do but boy would I laugh at the social media fallout from that scene.

    Anyways keep up the good work yall. Love the book Bassey!

    Wish yall the best,

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod &Bassey

    Only comments I have for this episode are Sterling K Brown was ACT-ING in this episode and just give him all the acting awards ! I was so glad to see an episode were one black male character recommends therapy to another . So many young boys are told to bottle your emotions up ….don’t show emotion or you will be considered weak or not a man. And then some people act all shocked when this same boys become psychopathic men and hurt innocent people . It’s exhausting but very much needed for a lot us men to unlearn this mentally numbing way of thinking.

    I was overjoyed to see Omar Epps character recommend therapy to Randall! Nigel and Sterling did amazing acting jobs as both generations of Randall and this was a really great episode with an even greater message.

    I remember finding a really good podcast out there called “Therapy for Black Girls” i believe is the name (I could be wrong) which seems really good and I live for the day when someone does the same kind of podcast for black boys . Shoutout to Mike Brown for the “You good ? podcast” (another good mental health podcast) I’m so happy they all exist – we need them all!

    I just wanted to encourage anyone who is going through (it )who may be wondering about trying therapy – give it a shot ,it very well could help and be extremely beneficial.

    Thanks again Rod and Bassey


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