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SMR 288: Bad Boys For Life

Rod and Karen review the 3rd movie in the Bad Boys franchise, “Bad Boys For Life.” We also discuss movie trailers and a feedback comment for The Rise of Skywalker.


  1. Anonymous

    Bad Boys 3 kept the integrity of the series intact & didn’t make any sacrifices to it. Will Smith & Martin Lawrence NEEDED this so bad for their confidence. It’s consistently funny, action-packed & has a good story that made me care. Paola Nunez, my god, is simply gorgeous & does a good job being the third to Will & Martin. I’m going to have to check more of her acting work. I honestly thought this would be the worst of the Bad Boys film, but it is the best one yet & it’s making ALLLLLLLLLLLL the money in 2020.

  2. MissMonica

    Hey yall! I was listening in my car and thank goodness I heard Karen say “Christopher Nolens” before I went into the store. I parked and was in tears for 5 minutes. I love you guys!! I look forward to watching this movie soon.

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    I enjoyed both your review of Bad Boys and the movie itself. I have never seen the previous Bad Boy movies, but the trailer sold me, so I decided to see it. I hope it does better than Smith’s last film Gemini Man because for me, this film highlights the charisma and appeal that made Smith a movie star in the first place. Smith’s character got to r7n the gamut of emotions — action ace, comedic interludes and emotional resonance— and did well at all three. I liked Martin Lawrence’s family man character as well. All-in-all a good film that I’m glad I went to see. If nothing else, it show January is no longer the crappy movie dumping ground that January used to be.

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