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2037: Go To Church Leave Me Alone

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Rod and Karen discuss how the internet effects criticism of art, overreaction to Pelosi, Meek Mill vs Nicki Minaj, J-Lo speaks about her halftime message, Oscar voter diversity, daycare worker fired, Wendy Williams goes in on the Carters, Cosmo has to pull cover, police union mad at Super Bowl PSA, Penis Man caught, man calls police for his hoodie, Chad Focus and sword ratchetness.

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    This bickering against Nancy Pelosi from White Liberal has been oddly cathartic. I felt the same way when those same folks were putting their capes up for Joe Rogan. It’s like what you said, Rod, it’s like people want the smoke but don’t want it, at the same time. These people want leaders & then want to then shit on them, when we literally have authoritarians on the other end fucking up democracy & I’m sick of it. Be it when it was Drone strikes, Occupy Wall Street, Bernie, 2010-16 Midterms & Pres. elections, defenses of Glenn Greenwald/Julian Assange, Wikileaks and so much more. I can’t fuck with these people & like Karen, I too have tapped out. I’ll be voting for the nominee, no matter what, however; but the demoguagery is too much & hella shortsighted for the millionth time. The sad part is, even if they do “learn” this very lesson from Bernie, I feel like they’ll make another Messiah & then get burned out because white liberals & even liberals/Dems as a group get too comfy. People want “hope & change” & “peace & love”, yet don’t keep that same energy when it comes to others. I’m glad Pelosi ripped that shit at the SOTU. She’s fed up & I’m fed up with her. These fuckers on the left should be, as well. But, I guess getting a viral hit on Social Media is more important than stopping evil. Shit’s tiring, y’all.

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