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2038: Live At The Library

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Rod and Karen are joined by Alicia to discuss black literature, black history in Charlotte, library resources, trivia, podcasting and we take questions from the live audience.

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  1. Dee Ramsey

    Five Stars down to the local library. I have been an avid reader since the womb. Please provide a list of books that Alisha (I pray I spelled her name correctly) recommended.

  2. Dee Ramsey

    Five Stars! I loved all of this content. I remember as a child going to the summer reading programs on base (Dad was in the Army). I know that I am a lover of books because of those trips to the library and having my parents read to me.
    Thanks for shouting-out the local library! PS I need a list of all the books Alisha (I hope I spelled her name correctly) recommended.

  3. MizzBarnes72

    I loved the Library Podcast!!!!!

    I was at the library and LOVED IT!!! I came from Winston Salem to see Rod and Karen and Alicia. I got there early and enjoyed Gordon C James doing illustrations with the kids, looking at great book selections and even enjoyed the snow. The main thing that I noticed was the enviroment. It was a safe space for your fans and even new folks. I learned alot from Alicia, who was just excellent folk! She was so warm she talked to everyone, gave us good direction and overall, incredibly informative. She knows her stuff and then some. The podcast finally starts and it’s it’s just like when I am in the chat room, except the chat room was live, it was engaging and just a beautiful safe space to be in. It was nice giving you both church hugs and just talking with you both. Also, I got to see your parents, got so much information and just had a ball!! Thank you again for a beautiful event.

  4. kaycan

    About a year before Netflix streaming became a thing, thing. I found out you could rent DVDs from the library!.

    Listen!!! I was in there every week trying to catch up on series that I had heard about, but didnt have the premuim cable to watch. My library is about half a mile from my house, I do not take advantage of it these days. But I’m glad there are resources for people who may not internet services at home or cable or a place to hang out if they need too.

    I was unaware that you could check out other non book items. I might need to go by my library and see what I can check out.

    From the show, the idea that someone could borrow clothing for an interview is quite cool. And happy that there are libraries out there that have that as an option.

    I complain when I ook at the break down of my property tax bill and that line item for the library (becaus eindomt use the resource); It makes sense.just because I dont use the services that often, it could be a life line for others.

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