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BDS 336: A Gayle Of A Question

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback. And well that’s all we had time for.


  1. StyleNosh

    Shout out to Karen, the real MVP. She believed that my Chiefs fan-dom was real. And Karen was right. I was born and raised in KC. The stan-dom is real! (Note, this is why people love Karen’s Reading Rainbow singing better on the regular show. I’m just saying…:)

    I wanted to clarify my comment about people not believing we could win. We were favorited by 1.5 points, however, a lot of sports shows personalities were picking the 49ers to win. Even Shannon Sharpe went with the 49ers in spite of his love for his “Ma-homeboy”, Patrick Mahomes. They didn’t believe that the Chiefs Offense could out maneuver the 49ers Defense. Wrong!

    Anyhoo, keep the slander coming. I’ll write in more even though I get a little nervous when I write the show. I don’t want to make any mistakes! lol

    On a side note, I now know how Chrishelle and EvieE feel most of the time. (Also, I like Arby’s too. The chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks are pretty good.) 🙂

    Love you guys! Keep up the great work!!
    StyleNosh in Atlanta

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Jaker Mayfield,

    I hope all is well.

    Gaby and D Wade out here loving their daughter Zaya has been so sweet to see. Especially with Wade basically saying there’s a lot he doesn’t know about transness and the like, but he still loves Zaya cuz she’s still his daughter. I would hope more of us see that and can learn from it. Especially the dudes who have gone from #GirlDad to shitting on Gayle King and Zaya.

    The NFL reinstating Myles Garrett was a net positive for the Browns, so praise be unto Thanos rebalancing the cosmic scales when it came out that Baker hooked up with a 20 year old behind a Cheesecake Factory a month after getting married! Shouts out to Kacie Dingess (@kaciejdingess on Twitter) for shooting her shot on Baker, even though Baker is real pedestrian looking. Baker blocked Dingess on Twitter and she decided to spill the tea on Baker cheating. I thought it was bad when Baker was talking shit and chucking INTs to the other team, but now this nigga is cheating *and* has the nerve to be sorry? Amazingly, I ain’t seen folks say she sucked that nigga’s soul outta him, which means most of us agree he was sorry to begin with. Goddamnit. Browns can’t win on or off the field.

    Speaking of football teams with questional quarterbacking decisions, have the Saints been using the Browns front office as consultants for their next QB, cuz how the hell else does anyone explain this push to make Taysom Hill the next Saints QB? Hill was bad at throwing the ball *in college* but somehow white people saw Lamar Jackson and think that Taysom Hill should be the future? My dude Jeremy might need to invent some new cuss words if this happens.

    Since the Cavs won that title 4 years ago (more recently than the Rockets, Spurs, Bulls and Knicks; whew chile the ghetto), I don’t care if those niggas win 30 games a season til the end of time. I know I don’t care cuz Tristan Thomas shooting those uncoordinated threes (nigga looks like Gumby stretched out hanging from a ceiling fan) ain’t phase me.

    Do y’all think D’Angelo Russell has finally found a permanent home? He keeps getting traded and I want to see him finally settle in somewhere.

    Sorry for the length of this and I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend.

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  3. fyahworks

    Geeeting brother rod , sister Karen, and Jyles garrett!

    1)Some football player turned cut fighter has been reinstated back in the league! Do you guys think the Cleveland blacks will keep him?

    2. it’s all star weekend! And Stephen a and Michael Wilbon are coaching the celebrity game. Who do you guys think is the better coach?
    3. What do you think of the all star games format this year

    Niggaz only only niggaz


    • fyahworks

      I hate autocorrect!! I meant to say “so football player turned ufc fighter” sorry!!!

  4. rodimusprime

    Happy Black History Month!

    This white player got suspended for using racial slurs 5 times. When he finamly played a team with a black player, the black guy skated right up to guy to fight him as soon as the game started. He was ready with the smoke! LOL.


  5. kaycan

    Listen! Yall said everything I have said since the fall out over the Gayle King interview. Thank yall.

    I’ve been screaming that people dont want journalism when it is their fave. And the comparisons of [Gayle] not saying anything about Harvey Weinstein and other white men who commit sexual are appauling and untrue. It is the same tired narrative that ppl run with: the black women tearing down black men. That Calvin “Bro-diss”, needs to sit down and have several seats. He has never been a champion for black women. Examine thine self.

    I have been surprised by the many people on my fb friends list condeming Gayle. I dont know why I am shocked, but I am taking notes.

    They [those that oppose] just need to admit it: they hate black women. And dont be a black woman with money, reach and visiblity. With the wolf pack mentality, You are gonna have people coming for your life. I guess only their opinion matters. There are somany nuances to this that I havent even mentioned. And I am tired.

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