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PG 225: I Ain’t Got It

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss scamming through the mail, when you don’t have it, high winds shut down school, being thrifty, The Real, therapy, library show, trying new things, Sugar Baby, Better Call Saul, Sweetheart, pregame news and listener feedback.


  1. chubbzero

    What’s up rod, Karen and justin. I’m writing you guys just to say premium is where it’s at. The regular show is critically acclaimed, but that premium is the shit! I just wanted to ask you guys if you’ve seen the young brother on the dr. Phil show claiming he was a cyborg from 2050? I would really love to get y’alls opinion on that.

  2. fyahworks

    Happy black historyyyyyyyy my nigz

    That I ain’t got it bit, was hilarious! I think what makes this show great is the fact you guys freestyle most of the jokes and it comes so naturally.

    Have you guys checked out “who killed Malcolm x” on the Netflix yet?

    Also speaking of Netflix, I receive an email that said Netflix stop the auto preview of shows on the home page! Now if they can only slow down the timer before a next episode begins , we will be alright! That scramble to find or grab the remote is serious lol

    Have a great weekend


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