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2044: Big Mama Getaway Driver

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Rod and Karen are joined by Brandon Collins to discuss creative optimism, Drunk Black History, Snoop apologizes and Gayle accepts, Amanda Seal’s defends Jussie, Q from 112 mad at Diddy, Mya marries herself, snake orgy in the park, Harriet Tubman debit card, racist fashion show, Tyler the Creator on “urban” categories of awards, grandma getaway driver, lingerie thief captured, church secretary steals 500K and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kemdoc

    I love that Mya married herself. I recall she was rumored to have been dating a billionaire a few years back. Affirm yourself!! Nobody else will when they’ve deemed you’ve fell off as a celeb.

    And whewww. Jussie. I really have no words for how far his tumble down the mountain has been. Now the avalanche is burying him.

  2. Kemdoc

    I loved your coverage of the Gayle/Snoop catastrophe. I do appreciate his apology but like y’all said, how ironic that he wants to talk in private when he committed the offense in public. I think he was scared to get in a room with her with a camera to defend an over the top takedown.

    I shudder to say it but Jordan won’t be honored in the way they have honored Kobe again and again. Then again it’s warranted. I don’t know….I go back and forth with it because it’s to the point where Lebron will never be the greatest Laker now and I believe that’s why he signed with LA.

  3. Sofa King

    Y’all’s comments on Bloomberg’s ads makes me want to ask: do they have the Bloomberg ads on the radio in Charlotte, that are narrated by Michael Douglas? They’re hilarious to me because, towards the end, this nigga deadass says something that sounds like, “I’m Michael Douglas, and I played a president in the movies, and that’s how I know we need Mike to be the president for real!” The first time I heard that, I was like, nigga what?

  4. Dia

    Question: Regarding the discussion on international films. Was your guest saying that every voting member of the academy needs to see every film, or just every MPAA films that makes it to nomination?

    And…I see several international, sub-titled films a year and I wanted to be in on the Twitter discussions about how many great international, subtitled films there are, until the discussions became very elitist and privileged.

    Now there was one person I saw people retweeting who shared a very ignorant view of internationally, subtitled films, but the comments let some other communities catch strays off trying to dunk on him. People with real reading difficulties, people who have limited incomes, people who work, eat, sleep and repeat etc.

    I would have enjoyed those conversations more, if it was “I am excited people are recognizing international films. You are in for a treat and here is how and where you can expand your horizons.”

    Also, I live in a metroplex of nearly 7 million people and when I saw Parasite it was only playing three areas, all in the “artsy”, very affluent areas. Places people tell me feel intimidating. Sometimes those artsy spaces are not very welcoming, especially to non whites.

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