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2045: Wu-Tang Scam

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Rod and Karen discuss Riot Baby, random thoughts, Sara Schaefer piece, McClatchy going out of business, Stacey Abrams, Chesa Boudin gets rid of money bail, teacher gives students lap dances, white supremacists get 820 years, reporter rocks box braids on air, black businesses can’t get loans, fake Wu-Tang clan scam, woman calls 911 because parents turned off her phone, woman tries to steal baby and sword ratchetness.

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  1. reallydarkknight

    Hey y’all,

    There was a lot to break down in this episode and you did a great job as always. But what really caught my ear was a substitute teacher giving lap dances to fourth graders. What kind of shit is this? I don’t know what in the hell has happened in the last 20 or so years where these teacher decide to behave in inappropriate ways with minors, but here we are. Absolutely disgusting!

    But let me ask you two questions: is there video and is she fine doe? Gotta do my research.


  2. Rigo1819

    Hey Karen and Rod,

    I know exactly how you feel regarding the self evaluation paperwork. It is SO frustrating. One way that I started dealing with it is by keeping a hype list in a google doc. Every time I’m proud of myself or my coworkers/management give me props for doing something, I mark it down. There’s no possible way that you or your superior can remember all the great things you bring to the table even if you don’t factor in impostor syndrome or introverted-ness. So why rely on that when you can bust out your hype list and remind each one of those mofo’s how badass you really are.

    Hope it helps!

  3. Dia

    On the random thoughts, Rod, when you mentioned someone sitting next to you at the movie theater, it made me remember my cousin telling about when she first started to commute to work on the train in Chicago.

    When she got on it was the start of the line and a woman sit right next to her on the empty train. Once the woman got settled she leaned over and said, “you look normal so I am going to sit next to you now because in a few stops other people will get on and they get to choose, not me.”

    I always think of that when I have to get on public transportation.

  4. MizzBarnes72

    Thank you for talking about personal space. I need a personal bubble around me when I am out in public. At the grocery store, I will put a cart in between myself and the person behind me, I make sure that no one sits around me when I go to the movies and one time at a Dr’s office, I put on a Michael Jackson mask to ensure that NO ONE sat around me…..it worked!

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    Re: Random Thoughts, I hate booths at restaurants because I’m fat! I carry all my weight in my belly and booths crush me.

    I enjoyed the hell out of The Photograph. Issa Rae is fucking beautiful. Everyone in that movie was super fine. I felt good watching it. I even found myself falling in love with Issa AND LaKeith. Also, all the dark brown people with their natural hair in this movie just made me smile. Saw it today. Gotdamn, this movie got me in my feels.

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