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2047: Boneless Thugs N Harmony

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Rod and Karen discuss Patreon loans, Bone Thugs change their name, The Lovers and Friends Festival, Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy, Billie Eilish no longer reads social media comments, NHS will no longer take abusive patients, Bernie tells Berniebros to calm down, Zimmerman, Candace Owens, Fashion Institute of Technology apologizes, professor suspended for calling cops on student, Black Capitalists, man forces woman to watch Roots, doctor refuses to remove breast implants, man pees on cop car and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    I am not certain if I am responding to a segment from this or the previous podcast, but I am commenting on the story about black businesses not being able to get loans and/or having to pay higher interest even if they have the same or better credit that’s their white counterparts. This segment really made me rethink my interactions with black businesses. I try to support Black Owned businesses as much as I can, but I realized that I have on occasion held them to standards they as small companies can not live up to. For example, free shipping has been a line in the sand, but a small business can’t afford to comp shipping, or it will bankrupt them. Hell, even the behemoths like Amazon only offer free shipping with Prime or a minimum purchase. With this in mind, I did order from Freddie’s Gourmet Sauce and paid shipping. Even if I never order from them again, this business needs my money more than Amazon does.

  2. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    I just came in to say that each time Karen says “Boneless Thugs” I start hearing the intro to Notorious Thugs, lmao. Dammit, Karen!

  3. Kemdoc

    That festival gotta be a scammer’s delight. Lil Kim and Foxy been beefing since the beginning of time. Brandi and Monica will put paws on each other as well. Come on man lol. ‘Who sucking from the Hennessy’ ahahhaha

  4. Evie E

    Come on son, we all know that the Lovers and Friends concert was a fake when we saw Lauren Hill as a headliner. Her chakkras haven’t been aligned since 2003.

    As for the man who kidnapped the woman and made her watch Roots, I don’t see where the crime was. Free him!

  5. LotusFlower

    Completely agree on the impact of social media. I currently see a therapist for anxiety, and she suggested I restrict social media use because they believe it increases anxiety and depression. Also women and people of color are at a higher risk to be targeted for harassment and bullying.

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